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Xander Blythe Empty Xander Blythe

Post by Xander Blythe on Mon Jan 14, 2013 3:02 am

Xander Blythe GothSanji_zpsf813bc3d


Name: Xander Blythe
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Birthday: January.....something. Even he doesn't exactly know. He just celebrates his birthday all month.
Sexuality: Straight.
Special Characteristics: there is a piercing on his left eyebrow. Also has a massive smoking habit.

Personality: Xander is a very happy-go-lucky person, always smiling and rather calm, which is a surprise to others when they learn he is a sadistic menace to society. He will be nice to you, but mostly to try and figure out your weaknesses and faults. He will be kind and help you, while planning to backstab you and take everything you hold dear in the process. His smile allows you to trust him, and that smile will stay even as he watches the life drain from your eyes.

You can never quite tell if he is lying to you, but because of his calm demeanor, which is so enthralling and trustworthy, no one ever doubts him. Yet this positive appearance shift instantly when he is hurt or he needs to get serious. His smile drops, his eyes become hard and lifeless, and his mere presence sends shivers down the spines of the most fearless warriors. He has never lost a fight, no matter the odds against him, be it because he tricked them into underestimating him, or he just made their existence stop entirely.

When on a mission or in a fight, Xander is very much a team player. He will assist his team and follow every order to the T, even if he is in the team of the opponent as a spy. He does this to gain the trust of the people around him. He is a player of players, a deceiver of thieves and vandals, but all wrapped up in a smiling and trustworthy package.
  • Xander has been around money/Jewels his entire life, so he revels in the fact that he could get money at anytime.

  • The color of blood (usually not his own) causes a happiness that touches his soul. He's not quite sure why, but it just makes his smile a little bit bigger.

  • Pain makes Xander feel like he doesn't have any power. He absolutely despises this feeling.

  • Xander has never lost anything, and he never plans to. He feels that losing would counteract his aloofness.

  • The color orange.....He thinks its just so....there. He doesn't quite know why he hates the color orange, but he does. With a fiery passion.


Height: 6'3"
Weight: 176
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Others: a smile that could melt the heart of any Scrooge.
General Appearance: Xander's appearance is very straight forward. He wears a relaxing, slightly big, shirt that is some combination of black with red accents or red with black accents. He wears nice black slacks made of a very soft material. He wears a set of goggles around his neck from when he uses his magic. Since many things explode around him, be it enemy spells or just debris from his surrounding, he likes to not have anything enter his eyes. The piercing on his left eyebrow is a bar piercing, but the strange thing is he doesn't know how he got it. He just woke up one morning with his face was bleeding and it was just there.


Guild: The Invisible Hand
Guild Tattoo: On his right pectoral.
Rank: C


History:Born into a fairly wealthy family, Xander Blythe never wanted for anything. When he wanted a toy, he got it. When he wanted to learn how fight, he got the best lessons. It was always hard to beat Xander in a fight to begin with, but then he came across magic. Never needing to ask twice, he had the most badass person he could find teach him the strongest magic. To that person's knowledge, the strongest magic was Crash Magic.

Spending years learning this magic, Xander trained tirelessly to perfect it. Finally, when he had grasped the power of Crash Magic, he gripped the man who taught him by the neck, gave him a reassuring smile that everything was ok, and disintegrated him without a second thought. With his immense strength and training, and new usage of his magic, Xander went out into the world to see what he could do.

Xander learned quickly to pay attention when he walked around, since the first few towns he visited, he walked through the buildings without batting an eye. Taking into consideration the debris of the things he destroys, he purchased goggles to help. With those goggles and the focus in not destroying his surroundings, he set out to find a place for him to exist.

Looking at all the various “legitimate” wizard guilds, Xander thought all of them were to lame and he couldn't embrace his abilities right when he was with them, so he started his search for a guild that was more his style; the dark guilds. Worming his way into the likeness of multiple dark guild guildmasters, he realized even the dark guilds were to tame for him. He then decided to insult the last dark guild he visited, causing multiple guild members to take up arms against him.

Fighting for a day straight, he made a mockery of that guild. When the guildmaster stepped in, he was the first one that actually made Xander bleed, and it was a new sensation for him. A sensation he didn't want ever again. His smile fell, his hands clenched up, and he proceeded to make the guildmaster look and feel like a child. Beating him senseless to the point of obliteration, he was then stopped by Dante Noel. Seeing his power, both visible and his potential, Dante brought Xander into The Invisible Hand to see the Guildmaster Mr. Black. And the rest is history.
Face Claim:Sanji - One Piece. It is a color alteration though (obviously).

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Xander Blythe
Xander Blythe

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Xander Blythe Empty Re: Xander Blythe

Post by Shinugi on Mon Jan 14, 2013 6:24 am

The first problem I see is your likes/dislikes. You need at least one full sentence of explanations about WHY he likes/dislikes by those things; and please put them into LIST format over paragraph.

Next, Add your personality some more. I never saw how your character acts in battle, or how they do as a leader, under a leader, and so on. (exp:Is your character a team player who helps out the team to keep them safe? Is your character mission stubborn, willing to get the job done no matter what it takes even if it risks the team?

Other than that you do a very good job at this. BUMP when you're DONE

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Xander Blythe Empty Re: Xander Blythe

Post by Xander Blythe on Tue Jan 15, 2013 2:35 am

I believe I finished what you wanted me to do, so....bump.
Xander Blythe
Xander Blythe

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Xander Blythe Empty Re: Xander Blythe

Post by Asuna Fairy on Tue Jan 15, 2013 4:56 am

Add one more like please.
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Xander Blythe Empty Re: Xander Blythe

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