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Post by Miki Kyoya on Sun Jan 27, 2013 1:31 pm

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Name: Miki Kyoya
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Birthday: 30-04
Sexuality: Straight
Special Characteristics: N/A

Personality: Miki is mostly in a happy mood. There aren’t much times you will see her cry or angry about something. Most of the time a smile is seen on her face. She is very nice to everyone. Especially the ones who are nice to her. She thinks in every person is someone good even if there on the dark side of life. Everyone deserves another chance. When meeting someone at first Miki is shy but getting to know you a little that will fade away. This little girl is not much of a talker. Miki is very curious and often gets herself in trouble for being a little to curious. Miki is a dreamer and dreams off to her own world a lot. When she doesn’t like you she will let you know. She will ignore you or shoot glaring faces at you. If Miki doesn’t like someone then that person has dome something termly wrong because she is not the person who hates someone fast. She feels hate towards the ones that destroyed her village and killed the ones close to her. But even after that Miki does not feel they deserve the same or have to die them self.
-Animals: Miki has a big love for animals. Especially cats.
-The Sky: She loves the sky and can watch it for hours. She often goes to a quiet place ands watches the sunset colors the sky change. Or at night when the stars are out is something she really likes watching.
-Sleeping: Miki can be very lazy sometimes and likes to sleep a lot
-Adventures: As she is curious she likes to go on adventures and discover new things.
-Perverted guys: She doest like guys hitting on her or saying or doing nasty things.
-Insects: They look creepy
-Being bored: When she is bored she often goes annoy people or trying to find something to do.
-Bad weather: She doesn't like rain or thunder storms
-Fire: Since she was little she is scared of fire so stays as far as posible away from it.


Height: 163cm
Weight: 48kg
Hair: Light blue hair
Eyes: Eyes that look like blue crystals.
Others: N/A
General Appearance: This girl is small and most people think she is younger than she actually is. Her hair is mostly worn lose but sometimes she wears it in twin tails or other hair styles. Just depends on how she feels like wearing it that day. Her eyes are a crystal blue color and give a feeling of looking in the sky. She often wears a white shirt with a black skirt and black boots under it. Miki likes to wear dresses and her wearing pants is something very rare.
Miki Kyoya Scherm10


Guild: Blue Pegasus
Guild Tattoo: On the back of her neck
Rank: X-Rank


History: A small girl was on her way back home. She was only 6 years old back then. The girl had been playing in the forest close by the small town she lived in. She lived a happy life with her dad and cat. The girl never knew who her mother was because she had passed away when the girl was born. It was late and the night had start to cover the blue sky under a black blanket of stars. The sun slowly sunk into the horizon making the sky change different colors. Walking back home the little girl notched a grey/blackish puff of smoke coming from the town. Something was not right. The little girl named Miki began to ran towards the town. The town was covered in a red sea of flames. Miki panicked and ran to where her house was. A big man wearing a clock that almost covered his entire body was holding a villager. In on hand he was holding a knife and roughly stabbed the villager to death. He threw the now dead person on the ground turning his head to the little girl. Miki watched in fear and saw the red eyes of the man looking at her full of rage. She had to get out of here.

Her in stinks got over and she began to run. Hiding behind a wall she tried to catch her breath. Footsteps where getting closer. The girl felt her heart beat into her throat. There he was. The man trapped her arm trowing her on the ground. As she was lying there she watched in fear what was happening. The man hold his arm up and a big fire appeared from his hand. The girls eyes grew wide, was this the thing called magic she had heard about. She had not ever seen magic with her own eyes, only heard about it. The man aimed for the little girl to punch her with his fire fist. Being small and young had a lot of good thing. She closed her eyes and rolled away. Then opened her eyes again and saw the man's eyes looked with much more hate at her than before. The man come to her again aiming to push the girl with the fire fist. Then something happened she would never have thought about. The air around her started to spin and blew the man away. Miki got up and saw the man was unconscious.

She sighed in relieve and ran back to her home or what was let of it. There was a burned body lying on the place she used to call home. "dad?…." Scared to get close to the dead body she walked away. Tears started to fall from her eyes sliding down her face. Walking like she was being lost she notched a big ball of fur. "MINTY!!" the little girl called out and ran up to the fur ball. Standing before it her heart broke even more than it already was. Her best and only friend had slipped away from life. Sinking to the ground she sat on her knees with the cat named Minty lying lifeless before her. "Miki…….. Miki….. i will never you. just look up into the sky. I will be watching you from the heavens above. i will always exist in your heart" She heard a voice coming from nowhere. It was probably just an illusion she was creating from the traumatic things she has experienced. She pulled of the ribbon that was around the cat's neck and stood up. Her eyes shot up to the sky standing there for a few minutes. This was the start of a new life. She had to be strong and leave this all behind. The sun began to rise up in the sky making the night go away. Without having any sleep this night she began to walk towards the world she knew nothing about. Walking into the forest into the mountains she never looked back.

--Time Skip--

Wandering around in the world she had yet to discover she learned about magic. Thinking back of the last day in her home town she learned she also used magic back there. That day had given her his gift to control the air around her. All alone she learned more about a world with magic. Learning to control the air around her she also learned some healing. Having grown a little the girl had left her past behind. She had let go of her sadness and pro meshed herself to shine bright like a star. Sometimes she wondered why her home town was burned down and why everyone was killed but that was something she would never know. There was no one in the village who had survived expect for the ones that had done this crime. Miki wished to meet the man who attacked her that night again so she could know why this all happened. There was not really hate towards this man but she also didn't like it. Her father would always tell her to forgive people and that every living thing had some light hiding deep within, they just hadn't found it yet.

--Time Skip--

Everyday Miki trained really hard to control her magic. She was moving around making the air around her move into the directions she wanted it to. Light like a feather she moved around. It looked like she was floating being one with the wind. The girl stopped and took a breath. "alright lets see if i can do this" she said to herself full of energy. Standing ready to jump into the air her hair began to float and the air around her suddenly began to blow the girl upwards. With a great amour of speed she was shot into the air flying trough some dark clouds. The dark clouds where filled with rain and made Miki soaked with water. As she shot out of the sky the rain drops flew everywhere. Above the dark clouds the sun was shining making the rain drops glitter as they fell down. The blue sky was reflecting its blue color into the girl eyes making them even look more blue then they already where. Her long hair was matching with the sky. She loved it, to be high in the sky as free as a bird. She flew higher and higher with the dream to reach the stars. The sky was getting darker as she was getting closer to the place the stars shined bright. Her hand was reaching up to them but they were to far away. There was not enough air around here to make her go up any further so she started to fall down. She crashed down at really fast speed until she was almost at the ground. A wild air wind blow stormed all over the place letting the girl softly land with her feet on the ground. This was enough training for today.

She sad down next to her bag and opened it taking out a bottle of water. Today it had been 11 years ago since she lost her home. Taking a sip of the water she looked up at the sky. The dark clouds drifted away showing the shining sun behind it. With a small smile Miki watched the beautiful sight imagining her father and cat friend watching from above. Maybe it wash't that bad after all. She got to know about magic and knew how to use it herself. She carried the memories of the one she cared about close to her heart and was never gonna forget them. Putting the bottle back in her back she lied down starring blankly at the sky wondering what life was going to bring her. The girl lied here for what looked like days but where in fact only a few minutes. Her eyes slowly closed listening to the birds singing songs and the wind blowing gently trough the trees. She began to feel sleepy and drifted off to her dreams where the people dear to her where still alive. It would not be long before this little girl would learn more about the magic world and join a guild. Years had gone by and she wad become a guild master of blue pegasus.

Face Claim: Touwa Erio from Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko

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