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Post by Dai on Wed Jan 30, 2013 12:31 am


Name: Varric Antigua (the 'u' is silent)
Gender: Male
Age: At this point, unknown. He appears to be in his twenties.
Birthday: November 11
Sexuality: Straight
Special Characteristics: A strangely-shaped stigma is on the back of his right hand. It seems to be a birthmark.

Personality: At a first glance, Varric would appear to be a man of many different moods and mind-sets—much like any other being, but in a strange way. If one was to speak to him, they would see him possibly change personality several times throughout the conversation, depending on how he had been spoken to. A firm believer in equality and balance, he feels that if someone’s willing to do something to you, then they should be prepared to take what they gave. If one was to speak kindly to him, then he would speak kindly back - and vice versa. If someone was to attack him in a form of anger, then he would defend himself with some form of anger back, although most likely without the same strength and proper rage behind it - one who knows Varric personally knows him as a greatly benevolent individual, who rarely tries to harm others without very good reason. Upon meeting him for the first time, one’s first impressions can be quite good—Varric is easy to trust those he meets, but also quite quick to change his opinion on someone, depending on their actions. If he does not mind you, his face will be a kindly one, his lips turned up in a smile. Anything else will bring forth a neutral expression.

Varric has a crazy ideal. His ideal is that all life upon this planet, and within all the realms, is equal. All lives are to be saved, unless they have chosen to act in a way that doesn’t deserve their existence; ‘evil’ people do not get the chance at retribution, unless they have proven that they will attempt to fix their ways. He doesn't try to choose who lives and dies—he hates the idea of judging the fate of another being on the same level—however, he will always choose to protect those that he cares about with more strength than he would if he were attempting to protect someone that was not close to him. Innocents and the weak will always be an exception to that scale. That said, Varric is, or attempts to be, unbiased in all of his opinions, and tries to take in both sides of the story of an argument. He refuses to act upon menial accusations, finding them ‘petty’ and ‘worthless’.

Having found a place to call his own, his way of acting towards orders has changed, once more. He will gladly follow any order that his Master gives him, as well as any order from someone as high as or higher than her on the scale. Being a Knight within his mind, he attempts to put honor and chivalry before anything else, allowing his enemies the chance to be defeated while facing forwards, with a weapon in their hands. Orders are orders, yet he will be very resistant to orders that go against his morals, honor and duty to his Master.

The best kinds of dreams are the unattainable kind; and Varric’s dream is no exception. His dream, having being built up through his life, has grown to be a wish for peace. He wants to stop the wars, end the struggles, and attempt to have all life live in harmony with one-another, rather than attempting to kill each other. He believes that all beings have the power to do such a thing, and will often try and convince them as such if he feels like he can. He knows that some have a deep-seated evil, however. He is not naïve: he already knows that this dream is completely impossible. He already knows that justice will not prevail, and that they will have to become Demons to kill those Demons at their gates. He has already made this choice, but that dream is what lights up the battles.

When he follows any lead in his research, he will follow any lead that he is given. He says that, instead of losing a good lead, he will always follow what he is given. Even if the lead was a wild goose chase for him, and he wasted his time doing it, it will always be worth it to him. Varric also has a hefty air of nonchalance, almost boredom, about him. It's not the same as this “arrogance”, but it's rather similar. If you take a first look at him, he doesn't appear to care. In fact, it almost always seems that way. However, it is not quite as simple as that. He tends to wear his emotions on his sleeves, but he has learned to control himself enough that he keeps calm when he has to. His face will almost always tell you everything that he’s feeling at the time, however.

He is also generally sarcastic and joking, however he is never malicious towards someone unless he sees some side of them that he doesn't like. He automatically locks onto the good within people, no matter whom they are, and will reject somebody if he sees no retrievable good in their heart. His one dream is peace, as mentioned before, and he will do anything to make that goal possible - except for merciless or undeserved killing. He's also quite the drunkard... not to the point of being totally inebriated... but there are often times when he's discovered upon the floor of a bar or tavern--or even his guild.



Height: 5'9"
Weight: 148lb
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark Brown
General Appearance: How do you describe a man that rarely seems to show off more than he wants to? This man that you see standing before you, he has a look about him that makes one believe that he is at a funeral at all times; clothing that is black and heavy, despite the sun that he lives under. If you first look at his face, you can see that it is melancholy and grim, weathered to an extent. This man's facial features are sharp, heavy, melancholy, however there is a glint in the eyes of this gunman. Those eyes are always watching out to the sides, looking for any possible threat. They're very good eyes, too, those dark orbs can pick out things from a distance that one would not expect them to pick things out from. The slightly tanned skin on his face is clearly defined. On his chin is dark stubble, rarely shaven. His clothing is pretty funeral-like as well. It's usually all black...that's a lie. Varric ALWAYS wears black. He tells people that it's what keeps him "sane" in life, wearing black clothing. Not to mention... it looks damn good on him, too. Anyway. The clothing is generally suit-like, with a large overcoat. Once the coat is stripped away, you find out that Varric does not wear a longer-sleeved shirt beneath, leaving his arms completely exposed with a vest.


Guild: None
Guild Tattoo: N/A
Rank: D



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