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ii. Character Rules

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ii. Character Rules Empty ii. Character Rules

Post by Mewtwo on Fri Mar 08, 2013 10:42 am

Character Creation
Well, as you know, this is not a canon but a custom Fairy Tail based role play forum, so the canon characters will not be approved. I'm sorry if you were looking forward to role playing as Natsu, Erza or other canon characters. If you really want to role play as canon characters, you can either join a canon Fairy Tail role play forum or host a forum yourself. You can only role play as your custom characters here. I don't mind to tell you, actually, role play as your own custom characters may be more fun, because you can treat the custom character as yourself, imagine how you living in a world of magic.

Character Rank
Each character will start at a maximum of C Rank. As a starting member, you can choose to be D-Rank or C-Rank. However, you can rank up and become stronger through role playing much more. Characters in this alternate universe won't start off incredibly strong. They will be relatively weak, working their way up from the bottom.

Alternate Character
You are able to create three characters of which one will be your main character. However, these characters cannot do battle with each other. They can interact, but no battling with each other. Don't try to create more than three characters, because we are able find out how many character you have. If you wish to create an ALT character, tell a staff to get approval first. Not doing so will take away your privilege of Alternate Characters.

Character Approval
Once you have submitted your Character Registration, it must be approved by one Staff Member. If there is anything wrong in your Character Registration they will point those parts out where you will be expected to change them accordingly. If u want to rank up please PM admins. Once your Character Registration is approved, it will be moved to the Approved Character section.

Character Registration
If you have read all of these, you can register your character now in this link, and you must use this template to register your characters.

If you have any other questions regarding Character creation click here for the registration template. Otherwise, any member of staff will gladly help you out.

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