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iii. Battle Rules

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iii. Battle Rules Empty iii. Battle Rules

Post by Mewtwo on Fri Mar 08, 2013 10:44 am

Battles here on FTG are free form. The stats are only there as a guideline. The rest is up to your own roleplaying and the special abilities and magic that your character has.

You must also be respectful and be mindful of others when your Roleplay. Killing of Player Characters on this site is seriously frowned upon (unless the user has given you permission to do so). This is because, when a character is killed, they don't just go back to the starting point. They have to start ALL over again.

There will also be no "auto-hitting" on this site either. You may launch whatever attack you want on the opponent, but they ultimately have control over whether the attack connects or not, and to what effect it has. Obviously, this works in both ways. You have to be realistic when you are being attacked; you can't just dodge and evade every attack thrown at you. "Info-modding", where you take Out Of Character information into In Character, is not acceptable either. If someone is doing anything like the previous methods stated, contact a member of staff and they will help you sort it out.

To finish off, just be realistic when you roleplay. We aren't all super-powerful mages who can dodge everything and always get out attacks to hit. We give you freedom and trust, so we expect you to respect that.

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