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Post by Lune Vera on Sat Mar 09, 2013 6:28 am

Lune Vera Tumblr_mitd53rajM1s6k8vxo1_250
Lune Vera Tumblr_mim0jaLqyH1qme88ko5_250


Name: Lune Vera
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Birthday: July 25th
Sexuality: Straight
Special Characteristics: He wears very wide glasses, and it makes it hard to see his eyes clearly.

Personality: From what one can see on the outside, Lune is very friendly and kind. He is not one to snap at a person or get angry easily. One may always see him with some form of smile on his spectacled face wherever he is. He may even lay out a few bits of advice to those who need it. In simpler terms to round this up, he is a very positive person even though he has seen a lot more negativity than most. During normal conversation, a comforting air surrounds him, making him appear like a mindful, older brother. Like almost every person in existence, Lune masks his true feelings and emotions. Inside, he is utterly lonely. The concept of friendship is skewed for him. He doesn't honestly believe in things such as 'the power of friendship'. Friends are just people that are pleasant enough to talk to. When prompted, he would lie that he is friends with someone. When being told to retell personal events in his past, Lune would fabricate a story and always tell a different story if a question is asked again. He does not like to mention anything about his past in fear of reacting visibly to the memories. In most cases, he does react disturbingly. Despite all of this, he is a very fair judge of character and other matters.

Also, Lune is always looking for ways to perfect his craft. His ambition is what makes him a wizard. It was for this reason that he had attained the status of 'Wizard Saint'. He can be seen practicing his magic very often, making sure he never gets rusty with controlling the shadows. Often, his practice sessions can make his magical energy felt from almost a quarter-mile away. In the event that he does somehow have to represent himself as a Wizard Saint, Lune speaks with no emotion. He desires to end the conversation with both parties happy or, if the first scenario is impossible, with his side benefiting the most. It's business before pleasure, even if he is friends with the person being met. Everything is pure business. Lune, however, would always try to choose the option to avoid conflict somehow. At times, though, his life may be threatened. Then, he becomes very different. As a fighter, he is relentless in attack, throwing anything he can do destroy the opponent. Except... he won't in most cases. He holds a firm belief that all enemies have a weakness that can be exploited.

Magnolia Town - Nothing beats a long walk around the beautiful home of the Fairy Tail Guild. There is just so much color that it can instantly lighten one's day.

Practice! - It is a given that Lune is a powerful mage just by being near him. But, did you know you can be that way too?! It's called PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE!

People - Surrounding yourself with people can supposedly make you happier. Helping them is even better for your mental health.

Love - It's a beautiful emotion. However, he sincerely wishes that he could experience it... because it's impossible for him at the moment. Without a perfect understanding of companionship, it is perfectly unattainable.

Purple - This is the only one of his 'likes' that has persisted since before the voices. Lune's favorite color has, and always will be, purple. It evokes femininity and beauty, but at the same time it can represent the abyss of nothingness.

Theft of any kind - Stealing someone's possessions, identity, love, life, love-life... the list goes on. To put it simply: he hates crime.

Himself - He knows that his own personality holds him back from interacting better with people.

Dogs - It has been a childhood fear of his. It still is a fear.

Greed - It's bad enough that it is a vice, but it's even worse when it is at the expense of others.


Height: 5'4"
Weight: 130 lbs
Hair: Black with a purple tinge that is very visible in light; Curled, but otherwise unstyled
Eyes: Purple
General Appearance:
Lune possesses a very slim frame for someone of his strength. This makes him appear very fragile; even a smile from him would seem like it would break him. Even though he is a Holy God Slayer, his skin is quite pale. The color is comparable to the skin on a porcelain doll. He tends to wear large spectacles that span almost half of his face when he is participating in an activity that requires a good deal of eyesight strain. Lune takes these off during combat to keep them safe, thankfully. He has his curly hair let down close to the middle of his back. His hair is primarily purple, and his eyes are also purple.

Usually, Lune prefers to wear a black longcoat that extends to the calf. Visible underneath is a white dress shirt. Its collar is tied with a purple ribbon and a jewel at the center. When times call for it, he equips himself with a dark-purple cloak; the hood is included. He would rarely wear anything else. It's easy to see that he is owned by the almighty color, purple.


Guild: N/A
Guild Tattoo: N/A
Rank: S-Rank (unless stated otherwise)

Total Stat Points: 48 SP
Strength: 11 SP
Speed: 16 SP
Agility: 12 SP
Stamina: 9 SP
Type: In combat, Lune focuses on being a quick-striking fighter. He prefers hit-and-run tactics, where he can make the best of his abilities. His defense is definitely lacking, hence why he relies on his speed to dodge attacks instead of endure them.


Lune Vera was born in Oak Town to two Fairy Tail mages on July 25th. According to his parents, right after he was born, he was unintentionally placed next to a strange book that his father was trying to decipher by himself. He was a cheery and jovial baby at first, but then he fell unconscious and was revived. After this, he never laughed as a baby again. What his parents noticed after this was that Lune's shadow shifted as his mood changed. It was a month after first noticing this that his father finally finished decoding the book. It was a book on a powerful ancient magic. It was supposedly enchanted according to its pages, yet there was not a single enchantment to be found. It must have been Lune, his father determined. At first, he attempted to extract the enchantment forcibly from him, but his wife begged him not to. He couldn't argue with a woman, and he was well-aware of their scariness. So, instead of taking the power away from Lune, the two parents raised and began training him in his magic while they studied him. At this point, they assumed that he had a talent with Light Magic. Little did they know, it was much more than that. They did not realize that there was something wrong with Lune

He was hearing a voice in his head. The whispers never seemed to cease. Days would pass, and the voice would only get louder and louder. Lune tried to ignore them and shut them away, but the more he resisted the more it consumed his mind. He began practicing his 'Light Magic' by himself, without the guidance of his parents. That was all he did in his spare time. The will of the voice influenced Lune greatly, and he could not rebel against it. The concepts of family and friendship lost their meaning as he was under its influence. Essentially, the boy's parents were blurred out of the picture. He eventually became stronger than the 'average' mage at the young age of 12. By then, the voice was less of an invading force and more of a guide. It told him that the magic he held in his body was known as 'Holy God Slayer Magic'. It had said that it rivaled the power of the Gods, and could smash dragons to a pulp with a single release of its purifying black light.

Time went on, and the voice began to grow quieter and quieter. At the same time, Lune was growing stronger. By the age of 15, the voice commanded him to join a Guild and become stronger by applying his power before it disappeared. He ran away from home and joined with Blue Pegasus. While he was a Legal Mage, the boy continued to train his understanding of a God's power. He quickly finished his jobs too, earning him some recognition. One could think Lune could make it to S-Class within two years, but he would not get the chance to try. Only after one year of being a member of the Guild, Lune was summoned to Era to meet with the Magic Council. They bestowed upon him the title of 'Wizard Saint'. It was unexpected, but the voice taught him to accept power gracefully. To Lune, the title meant nothing but more respect from the Magic Council and the Guilds. It was just a title.

Feeling that it would be more efficient applying his magic alone, the God Slayer left Blue Pegasus Guild. He traveled across Fiore, speaking with others and helping them with requests. Conveniently, each request was also another step up in power. The young man then expressed the desire to travel the world. Fiore was not enough. And so, he traveled the world for 3 years until he came back to Fiore.

Lune Vera, the Holy God Slayer, still serves the people to this day.

Face Claim: Pandora Hearts - Leo

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