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Post by Darion Steinheil on Sat Mar 09, 2013 6:50 am

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Name: Darion Wilhelm Steinheil
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Birthday: August 5th
Sexuality: Bisexual
Special Characteristics: Crimson red eyes, scar over his right eye, black cat-like pupils.

Personality:Darion is a calm, calculating and cynical man. He will do anything to achieve his own goals and agendas, even if it required sacrifing his comrades and the ones that falsely believe themselfs to be his allies.

He has very few emotions and rarely shows any face expression, he is also a very conservative, arrogant and elitistic man who thinks that one group of people are superior to all other humans and that the mages that has the power and the means to rule all should use their powers to make themselfs masters over all others, why let the weak reign?

He thinks low on people who defines things into 'good' and 'bad' beacuse there is no good or
bad, only power and you should use whatever power you have to bring yourself forward and if possible, make yourself a god. Darion firmly believes in this and so often helps people who shares the same visions, the same goals as he himself have, for a price of course.

He despises the weak and will gladly put weaker people in place if they get cocky towards him or anyone like him but if he is faced with a stronger opponent he will yield, after all then it is himself who is weak compared. The Creation of a New World Order where Mages are the undisputed rulers is the primary goal.

To hide his true apperances (since his personality is abit abnormal to other people) he usually actes nice and well during first time meetings but when they have earned his trust or it is old family friends/members, battle and things like that he will reveal his true colours. Darion uses his red eyes to intimidate most people, he thinks this sort of thing is hilarious.

Likes: The Creation of a New World Order, politics, fencing, smoking, drinking, debating, power, strength, elitistic, "Übermenschen", war. He is this way mostly beacuse his father raised him that way but then again, he is a true elitist and firmly believes that mages are "übermenschen". Politics beacuse he like to control, power to make people kneel, war to show his power, debating to show he is better, fencing is mostly for fun. His liking to the idea of a New World Order is based on the "übermenschen"part. Why should non-mages have anything to say?

Weakness: If you are weak you should not have anything to say about anything. It is that simple really, the strong are the ones who should rule. The strong have the right to opress the weak, not just beacuse they can but beacuse it is also the law of nature. The Strong conquers the Weak.

Pacifism: The whole idea of not having a war sometimes, not show the strength and power of yourself or someone else is folly to Darion. Whitout show of power, how do we determine who should rule? How do we decide who is the better leader? If you choose a leader beacuse of his "diplomacy" then the people lose respect and loyalty to that leader. But if you chose a leader with power, with strength then he will get respect from that, he will gain loyalty and those who do not feel either will still be rules, but with fear.
Peace: Basically the same as above. Pure and utter folly.

Helping others willingly: Sure if you want to help go ahead, but at least request something in return. Equivalent Exchange.

Morality: Lies and complete bollocks. Morality differs from person to person and what is wrong to one is right to another. So therefore it is useless and you should make decisions based on logics and fact instead of what your "heart" and "conciouness" tells you.


Height: 180 cm
Weight: 70
Hair: Black, backslicked.
Eyes: Crimson red with black cat like pupils.
Others: Scar
General Appearance:

Darion is (even for someone coming from a family ike the Steinheils) a very peculiar man, Darion has white skin not quite so white like snow or like an Albino but much whiter and pale than a normal human being, his black hair is normal length and in blackslick, his red eyes with the cat pupils is rare in the family, it has occured but highly unusual.

He is of average height, around 180 cm but very thin for his age, only 70 kg and so if you look at him you can not see much fat or muscles, however do not let this fool you as he is stronger than what he appears to be. He usually never smiles and besides from a scar across his right eye his body is perfect. He always walks with elegance and only uses the cane for show, he don't need it as a walking support.

If you would ask a normal person on the street he or she would probably say that they easily got nervous in his presence, Darion has an intimidating aura that makes people either fear him or respect him, mostly based on what kind of person they are. Darion is normally seen wearking only old fashioned clothing, mostly black expensive costumes, black shoes and when he is outside (especially during cold weather) he wears a long cape that stretches from his neck, down his back and almost all the way to the heels, this cape is also black.

On occasion when it is nice weather and the sun is shining he can sometimes be seen wearing black sunglasses. On the winter when it is a so-called "Wolf Winter" (VERY cold) he wears that instead of the normal, quite thin cape, a black coat with black fur around the neck, this coat is much thicker than the cape for obvious reasons.

On special occasions Darion raised as the noble he is wears a red costume jacket instead of the black one with the initials 'DS' engraved on the right side of his costume jacket in black, the DS are his initial and stands for "Darion Steinheil" and has as background a snake that bites it's own tail, the Mark of the Steinheil Family.


Guild: Grimoire Heart
Guild Tattoo: On his right hand
Rank: X

Total Stat Points:
Strength: 15 SP
Speed: 15 SP
Agility: 11 SP
Stamina: 15 SP
Type: Darion is a medium fighter. He uses both his magic as well as melee power to overcome his foes. He usually fights melee or unarmed if he does not view the opponent to be worthy to see his magic.


Darion Steinheil was born and raised in the wealthy and nobel family of Steinheil. The Steinheil family is what is called "Dark Nobles", a family of nobility that consists and has consisted for a long time of (mostly) dark mages, however there are a few rare occasions were a member of the family has decided to become a light mage and forsake the dark mage path and everytime that has happened that family member have more or less been exiled from the family (officialy).

Darion is not one of these occasions and since he was a child he has gladly obeyed his father's commands and done things that have either caused pain, death, humiliation and those sorts of thing to other people, animals and to himself and so he has been (Even among his elders) been feared as well as respected.

The Steinheil family had earned the "Dark Nobles" title also due to the fact that they were one of the strongest and most loyal supporters of the Dark mage Zeref.

The scar across his right eye he got during a sword spar with his father.

Darion had been born with the "Eyes of the Demon" and so he early showed a great affection towards the use of magic, his father Wilhelm began teaching him about various magics mostly Elemental magics but also abit about other types of magic like Celestial and even Lost magic.

This in particular caught Darion's eye and so he tried to gain more information about it even though it was mostly forgotten, it was mostly mentioned in the various magic books the family had in the huge library. The day came when Darion was 12, now infront of his father he had to choose a magic to use, Darion thought long and hard and decided that he wanted to learn the same magic as his father had, Elemental Darkness Magic.

One night on Darion's 18th birthday Darion was summoned to the training court outside the Steinheil Mansion and when he arrived there he could see the entire Steinheil family surrounding the training are, all of them wearing black clothes and many of them had different marks which he could see was guild marks.

Darion looked to his front and could see that his father was standing on a balcony above the training court, his father told him that to prove himself worthy to be the heir he had to show undisputable loyalty, coldness, intelligence and cruelty.

Wilhelm snapped his fingers and Darion's cousin Mark, a boy the same age who had refused to become a Dark mage was walking out from one of the openings, they stared at each other and so Wilhelm said "Kill him my son. Prove your worth.", one of the servants came up with a long object a swordcane, a gift from his father, Darion unsheated the balde and on one side it said "Serpens" and on the other side "There is no right or wrong, only Power and if you are too weak to take it then you will Die".

Darion began to walk to his cousin who did not move a muscle and after 5 minutes Darion was standing face to face with him, the cousin who Darion had played with was awaiting his death and so in a blink of an eye Darion said in a low voice "Farewell" and sliced Mark's head off.

It was quiet for a moment and then the entire Family started to applaud and his father Wilhelm rose up, stared at the audience and said to his son "Well done. You have proven youself worthy, now you are a TRUE member of the Steinheil Family!" and so he was officialy recognised as the heir to the family.

Face Claim: Cain C Hargreaves = Godchild.
Darion Steinheil
Darion Steinheil

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