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Aoi's Character Creation Empty Aoi's Character Creation

Post by Aoi on Wed Mar 20, 2013 10:16 pm

Soleice wrote:Name: Alexander Divinos
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Birthday: 10/26/1996
Sexuality: Straight
Special Characteristics: Alexander has a tatoo of wings that stretch across his back.

Personality: Alexander is an outgoing person with much to offer in terms of friendship to anyone that she crosses paths with. Kind, compassionate, cute and lovely are words many use to describe him. There is not a person in town that dislikes him. He is considered the symbol of friendship and companionship within all the places that she has travelled to. When questioned about his past, she tends to remain quiet due to a traumatizing experience that left him mind void of memories for a portion of his childhood. However, she does not dwell upon the past but rather believes in the future. Alexander's undying love for magic and friendship help guide him towards greatness. When in battle, Alexander takes advantage of his superior tactical skills to lead his teammates to victory. Whilst fighting on the front lines, she takes advantage of his surroundings, the abilities of his team and those of the enemy into account when formulating a battle plan. This knowledge was acquired through years of meticulous study from the battle plans of Mavis Vermilion.


-Charity Work: Alexander feels that he should give back to the society that gave him a purpose to live when she could not find one.

-Meeting new people/maintaining friendships: Any new people met/old friends are dear to him and she would like to stay friends with them so that she may have more allies as well as individuals for social activities that she likes to participate in.

-Meticulous training and study of magic: Alexander devotes most of his time into studying magic, sometimes even attempting S-Rank spells. He holds this belief because he wants to protect those dear to him and never see another person lose their life unnecessarily.


-French Food: Simply disgusting

-Bullies: Alexander hates those who pick on smaller and weaker individuals who cannot defend themselves against the attacker. He was once a victim and decided that it should not happen to anyone.

-Dark Guilds: A memory from his past that is currently lost to him indicates to his that Dark Guilds have been a mortally terrifying experience for his in the past. She does not remember the memory.


Friendship: Alexander believes that without friends, one cannot truly live. Friends support one another in times of need and during his time of need, he was befriended by a currently-deceased man who gave him everything.

Magical Studies: Alexander feels that when the time arises, she will need to fight to protect his friends. It is because of this that he dedicates 16 hours a day to studying magic.

Progress: Alexander believes that if he works hard enough and survives long enough, he will one day recover his memories and discover what really happened to him and his family in the past.


Losing Friends: He has seen too many deaths as a child and would not wish it on anyone else to see such atrocities.

Dark Guilds: A memory from hios past that is currently lost to him indicates to him that Dark Guilds have been a mortally terrifying experience for his in the past. He does not remember the memory.

Heights: Ever since the near-death traumatizing experience of falling off a cliff when he was a child, or so he was told. he has been afraid of heights.

General Appearance

Height: 6'3
Weight: 130 Lbs
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Green
Skin Tone: Light
Appearance: Alexander is often seen wearing a red cloak with a ruby pendant hanging from his neck.


Guild: Sabertooth
Tatoo: Left bicep, Red in color
Rank: S

Strength: 12 SP
Speed: 11 SP
Agility: 13 SP
Stamina: 12 SP
Type: In battle, Minato uses prowess and strength to his advantage in order to outwit his opponents. By having enhanced agility, it would be near impossible to strike down Minato. Using enhanced strength, Minato can strike down his foes with considerable power and lift objects that a normal mage couldn't. In addition to having both extreme agility and strength, Minato has an enormous amount of stamina, which would allow him to stay in the fight for longer.

Minato's History:

"Like it was in the days of yore, the proud and the young rise to power. Old Gods who rest upon the holy shore; give your blessings upon the gifted youth who show their grace upon thee; and let them lead us to your Valhalla upon the heavens." The elder chanted, walking out to greet those of the next generation children of the council. He had seen many take the seats of the council, but he never knew any that could hold the power with a firm grip and not lose themselves and be forced to retire and give way to the new. "Come forth youth who wishes to ascend to the higher plans of leadership, come and present yourself to me your spirit of gold, and your heart of valor and flame." The elder stood on top a series of steps outside the gates of the well kept but old chapel resting atop near the council chamber. Though the Elder would go to them, he was blind and could not make his way down the steps. He was very wise and knew a variety of ways to test Council members seeking new power that would push them to their limits.

Alexander emerged from his office within era and noticed the elder standing atop the steps that loomed over the old chapel. Knowing that the elder was blind, he went to speak to the wise one. "Oh great Elder, would you like assistance down these stairs?" asked Alexander. Waiting for his response, Alexander fiddled around with his thumbs, it would seem that if one wished to advance to a higher rank within the Magic Council, the Elder was the person to talk to. "Oh wise and powerful one, I wish to advance to a higher rank within the confines of this world of mages and within the Magic Council. Please advise me on how to do so Elder." Beaming with hope, Alexander got ready for what the Elder was to say. Alexander knew that no matter what the Elder said, he would continue to learn the ways of magic and continue progressing his magic to that of a advanced level so that if the time ever arose, he would rise to defend the mages and people that he so dearly loved. Seemingly, that was his resolve for most things that he did, but this time, the matter was quite dire.

The blind Elder continued reaching his hand out, though he heard the voice of one who wished to gain power within the council offer him a hand before pleading for his assistance. "TO ASCEND, ONE MUST HAVE THE HEART OF THE SEA, FOR THE FLOW IS ALL AROUND US AND MUST KNOW HOW TO INTERACT WITH IT! ONE MUST HOST THE SPIRIT AND WILL OF FIRE THROUGH THEIR SOUL, LETTING THE FLAMES SCORCH AND SMOLDER TO GIVE BIRTH TO RENEWED STRENGTH! THE BODY OF THE EARTH TO STAND FIRM WITHIN THEIR BELIEFS AND TO HOLD NO HINDRANCE FROM ANY OUTSIDE FORCE! AND THE MIND OF THE WIND SO THAT THY EARS CAN LISTEN TO THE VOICE OF THE GODS THROUGH THE WHISPERS OF ETERNITY!" he shouted atop his lungs before coughing savagely into his closed fist from the excitement rushing through him. He reached out one hand as though in search of a cane to lean on, where an assistant rushed over to give him one. "Do Ye who claim the right for power acknowledge the task, and are ready to accept the burdens about to be laid before ye?" the Elder asked, pointing down at Alexander directly despite being blind, staring at him with his blank white eyes.

Alexander was bewildered by the Elder's speech. He thought quietly to himself about what the Elder had said, to ascend to power, he would of needed to master the aspects of each element. Nodding his head in agreement and returning the blank determined gaze that the Elder had directed at him, Alexander stared into the Elder's blank white eyes and solemnly said: "I am ready for the tasks that will be presented to me oh wise one. Guide me and advise me on how these challenges should be done and what they are, and I promise you by my life that I will strive to complete them with a level of distinction to an extent of that which you have never seen." Alexander walked up the steps and advanced towards the Elder. When he had reached the top, he knelt down as if he were a knight and touched the floor with his forehead. "I am ready." said he.

The Elder reached out, touching the youth's shoulder; feeling his prescense. Upon removing it, he had come to understand the youth and his troubles and presence of mind. Steadily with his cane, he walked towards the chapel for a few steps, before facing the youth once more. The method he had chosen to test the youth was not of a long tiring journey, but with a series of riddles and puzzles to test his mind over his mastery of magic and power. "Once you start there is no turning back." The Elder warned, before continuing on, "First, you must gather the voices of a thousand and ten winds. Only then will your ears become subtle to the voices of the Holy Ones on high. Then, collect yourself the fragments of a hundred boulders, and meld yourself within them; becoming the mountain of guidance. Third, you must become one with the water, letting it's embrace take hold of you, so that you may feel and see the flow of the world. Lastly, you must submit yourself to the raw power of fire and come back unscathed, only then will you be ready to take hold of the righteous passing of power." Though he spoke of a journey filled with unusual tasks, they had a simple meaning to them. Being stuck within the council, the members are deprived of listening to the people, and do not engage within the populous anymore. Each task he had assigned for the youth, was to involve being reincorporated back within the people; to stand with those who stand with him, to understand those who are misguided, to feel the sting from those who scorn him, and to take in the flow of those who are ignorant to the world and to feel the pain of those who struggle over the comfort of those of luxury. Though he never spoke a word about the real tasks, he left it to the youth to figure out the meaning of his riddle before returning to complete his test; where he will be given one more question. "Go, and make haste child and learn the ways of those before you."

Without questioning the Elder's tasks, Alexander nodded. "I understand what I must attempt to seek oh wise sir. I shall return to when the task is done." said Alexander as he walked towards the his office to be teleported to where-ever the flow of life would take him. Whilst walking through the halls of the Magic Council headquarters, Alexander could not help but ponder about these challenges. Was the Elder asking him to seek for something or an object in specific? Or was the Elder referring to a spiritual awakening that must happen within Alexander in order for him to become a stronger and more powerful Mage. Arriving at his office, he decided that to take anything along with him to aid himself in the seeking of these aspects of elements, would be cheating himself. Thus, he did not bring any objects of materials of any sort along with him. Stepping into the portal and closing his eyes, Alexander could not help but think about the fresh and lush scenery that surrounded Crescent Island. When he opened his eyes, he stood at the entrance of a cave.

Observing his surroundings, he deduced that by thinking of Crescent Island, he had actually teleported himself to the land himself. Not knowing what the significance of the cave that loomed in front of him was, he ignored his uncertainty and forged onwards through the cave. The cave was dark and the air seemed as if it had not escaped the cave for 1000 years. Alexander hated the smell of the cave, and thus was relieved when he had seen a light towards the end of the cave. When Alexander had emerged from the Mountain path, he found that a lone mountain had appeared before him.

There were steps that lead to the peak of the mountain that was nothing that belonged to the word ordinary. The peak of the mountain was shaped into that of a Dragon's maw, and the stairs leading up the the 'Dragon's Maw' were wet and mossy, resembling the teeth of a dragon. "How absolutely creepy." muttered Alexander to himself as he walked towards the stairs for his long climb up the lonely and mysterious mountain. After slipping a multitude of times, he had finally reached the top of the 'Dragon's Maw' and felt absolutely relieved. "Excuse me sir, but, I think you dropped this." said a stranger behind him. Jumping back and assuming his combat stance, Alexander dropped his jaw in utter surprise. The stranger was no man nor woman, but a little girl no more than the age of 6. The girl had extended her arm towards Alexander and was now holding out a piece of fabric from is cloak. "Thank you so much kind one, how can I repay you?" asked Alexander whilst gratefully taking the piece of fabric from the little girl. "Oh its not a problem really!" replied the girl. "I'm Alexander of the Magic Council." said Alexander with a smile.[ color=orange] "I'm Lilia Faust."[/color] replied the little girl.

Lilia invited Alexander to sit and chat for the next few hours and Alexander agreed without complaint. "So what is a sweet little girl like you doing here Lilia?" asked the Council man. "I like to listen to the sound of nature a lot up here. Its a nice place to just meditate and relieve stress. Here, you try it!" said Lilia with a giggle. Alexander closed his eyes and meditated for the longest time. At first, he heard nothing but the rush of a nearby waterfall, and the constant sounds of nature. "What am I listening for Lilia?" asked Alexander. "I like to listen to the birds." replied Lilia with a smile. Closing his eyes once again, Alexander listened, and as if Lilia were a goddess of nature, he could hear the birds. There must of been a thousand of them, and Alexander cherished this moment for the chirping of birds were nothing but true magic. "How many do you think there are Lilia?" asked Alexander with a curious tone. "I'd say one thousand and ten." said Lilia with a laugh. With her reply, Alexander finally knew what the Elder had asked for.

Lilia grabbed Alexander's hand and with a playful tug, invited him to follow her. Not ever wanting to ignore what Lilia was about to show him, Alexander popped up and pranced to his next destination with the 'Goddess of Nature.' Arriving at the entrance of the 'Dragon's Maw' through a secret passage hidden within the 'throat' of the 'dragon', Alexander noticed that the dragon was actually built of many boulders mounted together. Looking beyond the boulders, the Council man was delighted to see that the 'Dragon's Maw' was a starting point for the biggest waterfall in Crescent Island. All of a sudden, Lilia dumped a pile of rocks on Alexander playfully. "Haha, you got hit with rocks!" chanted Lilia with a teasing tone. "Haha, not if I get you afterwards!" replied Alexander. This continued on for what seemed like an hour before they had finally decided to stop. Alexander had not had this much fun since he was but a mere child. Bringing himself back to reality, he noticed that he was stacked in the middle of a pile of rocks. "Hey Lilia, how many rocks did we throw at each other?" asked Alexander whilst laughing. "I dunno, I'd say about a hundred or something haha. Rough estimate!" replied Lilia. Making a triangle shape with her hands and placing it over Alexander's head, she laughed. "Haha, you look like a mountain Alexander!" laughed Lilia Faust. Alexander knew that he had gained a new wisdom today.

"Hey Alexander! Watch this!" yelled Lilia as she ran towards the entrance of the 'Dragon's Maw'. Alexander freaked out, she was going to jump. Lilia Faust leaped off the 'Dragon's Maw' as if she were a newborn bird within the sophisticated world that she had never known, and plummeted towards the basin of water below. Within hesitating, Alexander shoved the boulders off of him and jumped in after Lilia in the event that anything should happen to her. Nearing the basin, Alexander closed his eyes assumed the diving position, hoping that the impact would not hurt him. As his body protruded the surface of the water, he felt the water rush around him and form a veil of aqua. Although it would seem that he would be bothered by such, he felt a strange calmness that washed across him as if it were a refreshment to the heart, body, and soul. Bewildered that he had never felt such a feeling before, Alexander closed his eyes and remained within the tranquility of the liquid. He had embraced another aspect of nature and had learned to love being within the water. Alexander's eyes suddenly shot open as his oxygen supply depleted. With the speed of a Shark, Alexander swam towards the surface for his much needed survival. As he returned to the surface, he heard a voice calling out to him. "Hey! Alexander! Did you have fun in the water?!" asked Lilia Faust as she waved at him from the nearby shore. "It has a certain calmness to it. One that cannot be explained, but rather felt." preached Alexander. "Hey my village is just beyond these trees, They're having a huge feast tonight and I'm inviting you to come join us! It'll be super fun and amazing!" said Lilia as she pointed in the direction of her village. "Yes, of course I will come." replied Alexander.

As Alexander followed the path that Lilia had pointed to, she suddenly ran off into the wild. "Lilia! Where are you going?!" yelled Alexander. "I'm just going to gather some berries! I'll meet up with you at dinner in the village! Stay safe!" yelled Lilia as she headed off into the tall brush. After endless minutes of walking, Alexander had finally arrived at the much praised village that Lilia was describing. It was already time for the feast and Alexander had never experienced anything so tribal before. The constant beating of the drums that send surges of excitement throughout his body, and the dancing around the bonfire that attracted him wit a strange pleasure. "Ah, come join us my friend! There is plenty of room for everyone in this feast! Let us celebrate the joy of nature." said the Village Elder. Alexander smiled and followed the Village Elder to a spot where he sat down and ate. As the night evolved into something more than a feast, Alexander was invited by many to dance the tribal dance around the bonfire. After many a rejection, Alexander finally reluctantly agreed. After endless hours of dancing around the bonfire, Alexander had never felt so much fun and savagery in his life, his face was painted with the paste of Cocoa fruit and he wore ornaments of pidgeon feathers. He felt the fire ignite within himself and he would of welcomed this feeling every day. As the Village Elder approached him, Alexander asked with a huge grin: "Oh Village Elder, where is Lilia Faust?! The girl who re-taught me the meaning of life?" The Village Leader replied with a confused look: "Oh Alexander! I believe you are confused, within the terms of our village, Lilia Faust has never existed." "Thank you for your kind hospitality Village Elder, but I have to leave now." said Alexander with a sad and confused tone. The Village Elder nodded and lead Alexander out of the village. It must of been minutes that Alexander wept for, the girl that re-educated him regarding the meaning of life had never existed? A white light appeared above him, and Alexander knew that he was being summoned. With a flick of his eyes and a bright flash, he now stood in front of the Elder. Rising up to his feet, he looked the Elder sternly in the face and said: "I understand now Elder. I believe I am strong enough to advance to the next level. Thr

Alexander was taken by surprise when the Elder had asked him what he thought the meaning of life was. Choosing to remain silent for a couple moments, he recalled the memories of the time he spent at Crescent Island, the landscape, the scenery, the people, and Lilia Faust. Thinking of the little girl that had taught him something truly irreplaceable, Alexander could not help but smile. Wherever she was, he would find her one day and thank her. "Oh wise Elder, the meaning of life can differ based upon different people. For me, the meaning of life is the presence of friends and the tranquility that they bring. My journey at Crescent Island taught me how to have fun, which I must say I haven't had in quite a while. The journey taught me to enjoy the beauty of nature and appreciate all of Mother Earth's gifts. Using the four elements as a representation for each aspect of life, I can explain to you clearly what each one meant to me. When I was listening to the birds sing atop the 'Dragon's Maw', I realized that the winds of change come and go, one must adapt to the ever changing world with patience and acceptance. Whilst I was semi-buried beneath the rocks, I relearned the feeling of fun that could be possible if one could forget the stress and trouble that dominated the lives of everyday folk. Underneath the surface of the pristine water, I learned the meaning of tranquility and calmness, a quality in life that is needed to ensure that one does not fall into the state of insanity. Within the circle of fire, I learned to love life with a indescribable and unquenchable passion. The fire was a savagery of tradition, culture, and heritage of our peoples. The last thing I learned on Crescent Island, was what it meant to love. A little girl called Lilia Faust taught me that it was okay to love, have fun, and enjoy life. In my eyes, she is the wisest girl of all." said Alexander with his eyes closed, imaging that he was still next to Crescent Island, listening to the wind, buried beneath rocks, submerged under crystal water, and dancing with a newborn flame that burned within him all at the same time.oughout the journey, I have re-learned the meaning of life and I will strive to teach others of it. Thank you for this opportunity oh wise one."
Alexander knelt down once more and saluted the Elder.

The Eldar looked upon the youthful Alexander with his blind eyes, seeing his spirit radiating strongly than it was before. There he listened as the youth explained what he had been done in a brief summery and what his goals now were. Though the Eldar was skeptical; did the youth really learn what he was sent out to do, or did he misinterperat it. "Tell me then, what it is; this meaning of life, that you have learned child." The Eldar had to hear what he had learned on his evening out in order to be able to evaluate if he truely was ready.

The Eldar looked upon Alexander, seeing how he had learned something important indeed though not what he had intended: but in the end it had caused a smile to creep up the Eldar. "You took upon thy quest and learned something outside of mine own intentions for you to learn. In the end, I believe this lesson is more valuable to you than what I had originally intended. Allow me to give you a brief explanation youth." The Eldar coughed for a few moments, before regaining his composure; using his cane as a balance from his body. "This was to be a trial of submerging yourself back into the world of people. Being behind the Council walls most of your day, you are separated from the people; only working on written documents that contain no voice or struggle. The thousand winds were to be the actual voices of the people you watch over; be it bad or good so that you may learn the actual stress of those in need of your guidance for the future. The earth was to represent the troubles as you have originally found, but in a different manner. The trouble of the struggling class is unbearable like moving boulder after boulder upon thy back. The flow of life was to see how the ignorant children start out having fun unbeknownst to them the troubles and struggle ahead, and how they age into life itself. Understanding the trials of the children of the next generation to overcome should have opened your eyes to what was most direly important to work on with your fellow Council members. The fire was to represent the spirit of the people. To find a broken body but a soul burning with the intensity of a thousand suns; filled with hope that their prayers will be answered and the looking forward to a brighter future. You took upon Nature as your quest which is equally as important, for you obtained traits that will still help you care for the generations to come. It would be wise if you now took it upon yourself to understand the truth behind the people over what you are receiving upon as written text. You learned sister traits, to what I had originally intended for you to learn. Yet, in the end, you managed to re inverse yourself in the world instead of staying behind the council walls; you now know of a portion of what lies ahead and what you must protect." The Eldar then broke out into a series of vicious coughs that brought him to his knees, dropping his cane. His decaying body being brought to it's limit, revealing how much time left he had upon the world of magic. With the help of his assistants, he managed to get back onto his feet; holding his cane once more. "You have earned the right to possess this power of advancement. Not everything resolves around what deeds you do or how much power one actually obtains; but of the power of their heart and soul. Now renewing your spirit, you have but your heart left to obtain over time. Use this power wisely, and learn techniques you have not learned before." The Eldar began to chant, a magic circle appearing under him and his assistants who chanted with him also. The Eldar's blind eyes flared out bright blew as he lifted his cane and stamped Alexander's forehead with the end. Alexander's own eyes flared out like the Eldar's as his body is filled with new magic. "Go, and bring forth a brighter generation." releasing the cane from the youth's forehead, the Eldar placed it back upon the ground. On the youth's forehead was left a symbol of his success, as his mind had broadened to obtain more powerful magic; though it was left to the youth to obtain the new power for himself.

As the Elder's cane touched his forehead, Minato felt a surge of raw power flow through him as if he were hit by a jolt of electricity. "I understand what you wanted me to do now Elder. I shall keep your words with me forever and strive to fulfill and connect with the people's wishes. The world is unjust, but it can always be fixed." said Minato. Bidding the Elder farewell, Minato walked back towards the path of his office in Era, after-all, he still had to wash the face-paint off his face. Glancing back and looking at the Elder one more time, Minato shouted: "Thank you oh wise one. You are truly a saint!" With a flick and swish of his white coat, he turned back towards his path and headed towards his destination.

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Aoi's Character Creation Empty Re: Aoi's Character Creation

Post by Aoi on Thu Mar 21, 2013 9:41 pm


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Aoi's Character Creation Empty Re: Aoi's Character Creation

Post by Tempest on Fri Mar 22, 2013 11:47 am

I'll be reviewing your app. There are a couple of things I'd like you to change before I can approve your character:

- Why is the app a quote and whats more its from someone else. Can you please explain?!

- Your birthday can't contain a year

- The reason we ask people to use the template is because it makes reading easier. Especially the bold parts, so the category names, are easier extinguished from the the text itself, which in your case it doesn't.

- She??? In the first sentence I figured it was a writing mistake, but it creeps up pretty often throughout the app. Also I think you should check the spelling in general (hios after Dark Guild is a example).

- "There is not a person in town that dislikes him"!! Hmm.... I'm assuming this is a figure of speech right? If, not you are actually forcing new players to like you, which is kinda weird.

- Can you please use proper spacing, so for example: - Charity work. Also (just for consistency) if you do it with (dis)likes also use it for fears & motivations

- 16 hours a day for studying magic?!?! How can you do over stuff, considering that you sleep an average time of 8 hours?

- Appearance should be at least 100 words

- In type you claim you have "extreme" or "Enhanced" agility, strength and endurance yet your score makes it seems likes its all average.

- After reading the Guild section, I have to be honest I stopped reading because it was getting to confusing. Who's Minato and why is it the history of that person and not Alexander (your character). I did saw Alexander pop up throughout your history, but until the end, it simple seemed to come down to Minato. I'm assuming you copied this from either yourself of another forum, or from someone else (which I don't think is aloud if that's the cause). Either way you must change these things since history involves around your character and not from someone else (this also applies for your type description).

Can you please look over these problems.

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Aoi's Character Creation Empty Re: Aoi's Character Creation

Post by Ganz on Mon Mar 25, 2013 8:53 am

Ok my dear noobhunter, I will take this character app now.

First of all, I concur with Tempest on most things. But before reviewing:

Please use the template, don't put the whole app in a quote. I know you copied some stuff from another app you used, that's okay, I do it too ^^

So, before completely reviewing this, I'd like for you to fill it out in the template ^^

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Aoi's Character Creation Empty Re: Aoi's Character Creation

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