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Post by Basker on Thu Mar 21, 2013 10:35 am

Harry J  ' Hal' Baskerville Light-Yagami-light-yagami-16520985-640-360
Harry J  ' Hal' Baskerville Evil_Thought__s_Acomplised_by_Reakwoon

Main Theme - "Forged Destiny"
Feral Theme - "BITCH I EAT PEOPLE!!"


Name: Harry J. Baskerville
Alias: Hal
Gender: Male
Age: 112
Apparent Age: 18
Birthday: 24-05
Sexuality: Pansexual
Special Characteristics:
Porphyric Hemophilia: Due to his disease, he stopped aging the moment he contracted it. It also stops his wounds from bleeding due to his non-beating heart, and semi-immortality. Due to being alive whilst simultaneously being dead, he needs to have his body destroyed to cause actual death.

Personality: Ninety years of undeath changes a man's personality drastically. Ninety years ago, he was a very arrogant little tosser, believing in himself before anyone else, but now that he's grown up he's a much more sober man. That is not to say that he is miserable or unable to appreciate fun things, but he is no longer such an optimist. He is a very strong-willed person and believes in his old friend's morals. He believes that there is nothing worse than attacking the innocents, and that peace is the most important thing in the world. He has lived through too much fighting, watched too many people die, to be fine with the abuse that fighting causes. He believes, when it comes to peace, that the end justifies the means. If he has to kill villains and public enemies to be able to assure peace for as long as possible that is what he's going to be willing to do. However, as corrupt as the disease makes most of the sufferers, he's still remarkably moral. He doesn't see things in black and white, knowing that there are at least fifty different shades of grey. As weird as this sounds, he truly believes in the concept of second chances, that anyone can change. He is quite the reformer, willing to try and help anyone he believes wants to become a better person. However, those who don't want to reform or, worse, actually enjoy the monstrous acts they do are his personal enemies.

When it comes to being a guild-master, he is very different than most of the people that have been in charge of Lamia Scale. He is a very intellectual man, believing that strength isn't the only thing that matters when it comes to mages. He believes in the power of the mind being as important as the power of the body. He tries to get the people in his guild to read more and to have a little culture, not just to be uncultured brutes like the members of Fairy Tail. He has a little personal rivalry with Portgas, although he's not sure if Ace has noticed it yet. If he was asked if he felt like he had to compete with Ace then he'd definitely say no, especially not if that orange hat wearing arse asked him, but behind closed doors he always feels like he has to beat them. Not in a mean way, but he feels that culture and intelligence should always beat just pure bullheadedness, but maybe that's just because he was a viscount before the incident (Well, technically he still is, although it also passed down to his cousin due to him being next in line).

Whilst feral, his personality changes completely. He's no longer moral and sees everyone as prey. However, whilst not being moral, he's still incredibly clever, painfully so in fact. He has very little self-control and turns extremely cruel and sadistic, not just physically but mentally. Playing mind games, corrupting innocents, ripping people apart, butchering entire families to get his next fill and even turning against his friends. The bursts of ferality seem to only last a few minutes, but whenever they arise they're always rather devastating. This has been one of the main reasons he finds himself unable to get on very well with weak people, he knows that any moment he could snap and end up hurting someone again.

  • Blood: Even though he dislikes his reliance on it, Hal loves the taste of blood. He tries to only take it with the consent of the people that he's drinking from, as the kicking and screaming kind of ruins it. However, like any addict, Hal can't always control his need for it to such a sophisticated degree and will, if having to go without it for too long, attack people for it.
  • Old Music: A true connoisseur of old music, Hal loves all of it. From the truly old classical music to the slightly old jazz, and even to the music that was around forty years ago. It's a very selective taste, and people often insult it, but that doesn't mean he's going to enjoy it any less.
  • Peace: Ironically different from his feral side, Hal loves peace, and believes that it is everyone's duty to try and uphold it. This has a slight corrupt meaning to it in his mind as he sees killing people as fine if it keeps peace. If they would start a war or they keep attacking innocents then he will remove them with extreme prejudice.

  • Pointless Fighting: Seemingly contrasting with his belief that war-mongerers should be removed, he dislikes fighting. At least, when it's pointless. Unless it does something major, he dislikes war as he's had to go through too much of it. The exception to this would be practice fighting, he has no problem with people fighting to get stronger, but when it's just because they have nothing else to do and are bored, then it disgusts him.
  • Werewolves: Although a very niche dislike, it's a prominent one nonetheless. He dislikes werewolves, anyone who's in that clan, due to their intolerance for one another. He's been attacked by groups of them before and has in turn gone on hunting parties to kill the freaks. They smell, they act like complete morons and are the total height of pointless fighting.
  • Idiots: As someone who's lived through a lot, there are many things that he doesn't like about people in this world. Those who hit them are the ones that he thinks of as idiots. Not just people that are dumb, although they fall under it. He dislikes the type of person who pushes their opinion on the world when it hurts others, and he especially dislikes racists.


Height: 5' 10'' (177.8 cm)
Weight: 58 Kilograms (127.9 lbs)
Hair: Brown, naturally styled.
Eyes: Brown (Red during feral mode)
Others: Razor sharp canines, extremely pale complexion, bite marks on the side of his neck just next to his jugular vein, no pulse.
General Appearance: Hal is amazingly good looking for someone who's over a century old, especially since he isn't a corpse. Although, in some ways, he does look like one. He has a very pale complexion due to the lack of blood, and is cold to the touch because the heat that normally goes through his body would be moved around by the blood that he doesn't pump. However, everything else still functions, which is the reason he's had to have his hair cut frequently over the last hundred years. He used to have very long hair but has recently got it more under control, now only reaching his neck and just over his ears.

His clothes are rather interesting. He almost permanently wears a pair of black trousers, a matching tight t-shirt and black leather riding boots. What he wears over that depends on what he's trying to go for. When he's going out for social meetings he tends to wear a grey jacket that's woolen. However, when he's going out on official guild master business, he tends to wear a long leather longcoat that goes down to just around his ankles, the tails of which flap easily in the wind as he moves.


Guild: Lamia Scale
Guild Tattoo: On his neck, just below his bite marks.
Rank: X-rank

Total Stat Points: 56 SP
Strength: 14 SP
Speed: 14 SP
Agility: 14 SP
Stamina: 14 SP
Type: Hal has no specific fighting style, being a jack-of-all-trades fighter. As such, he will fight as he sees advantaging himself most, changing from rapid-fire punching to one-shot knock outs with little more than a position adjustment.


History: Hal was born Lord Harry Jakob Baskerville, the son of the duke of Caelum. Caelum was always run by a nobility, working off of kings, queens and dukes. He was raised as a true nobleman, the next in the line to the throne of the dukedom, made to experience culture and art and always to have perfect manners. He was an only child, and the strangest thing was that he didn't have any natural magic. Unlike all other guild masters, he was born as a normal human, with absolutely no magic in his blood. Caelum's noble families were infamous for never producing a single member with magic in his blood, and Hal was no example. He was as normal as it came, although he was always more intelligent than his peers. He took to his studies, what little he was given, like a duck to water. He soaked up all the information and always wanted to read more, staying up much past his bedtime in the library to read another book or five. There were many nights during his childhood where he would be found in the morning passed out in one of the seats of the library under a blanket, reading a book that most people twice his age wouldn't have had the urge to read. He really never thought that he was missing anything by not having magic running through his veins, he wanted to prove that normal people would be able to exist on par with the homo magicus species, and was even one of the ones that supported co-existence. Many members of the royal lineage believed that there should be a mage extermination but Hal was one of the ones that was always against it, and eventually it faded into obscurity to such a degree that most people today only see cohabitation breakdowns as being the fault of mages who see humans as the weaker link.

As he grew older, he got stronger and wiser, and more challenging. This made him a little bit arrogant, seeing those less intelligent or weaker than him as less than him. Although, he was arrogant against mages and non-mages alike, he has never strayed from his policy of pure equality. He used to love fighting with swords down in the field, never going too far as to actually kill anyone but he almost always ended up winning. He would even often beat people who were using sword magic, and quickly became renowned for his skill in battle. That was when he was invited to a competition where the strongest in the land would be able to compete against each other to see who was the best swordsman. Being a little cocky by the fact that he had never actually lost, he decided to join the competition and ply his luck. Now he looks back on it, he can see that that was the moment that his life changed but he had no idea at the time. He honestly just thought it would be good fun and that he would be able to enjoy proving that he was the best fighter in the land. As such, he went. It was a few days horse ride across the island, but his horse was fast and he was determined to prove just how good he was. Though a severe case of rider sore sprung from it, he rode almost non-stop, only stopping to sleep. He would even eat on horse back, which was surprisingly possible. Just not very comfortable. Anyway, after three days riding he ended up at the competition and joined as a fighter. That night everyone was in high spirits, unbeknownst of what this competition was actually about. It had been organized by a den of vampires who wanted new brethren to prove themselves as stronger. They only wanted the strongest, and so weeded out those who weren't worthy. Hal, inevitably, ended up winning and was treated to his 'trophy', a severe case of Porphyric Hemophilia.

[ Writer's Note: Porphyric Hemophilia is a very strange disease. It's a vector-borne disease, meaning that it's transmitted from victim to victim by blood contact, specifically the victim's blood stream being injected by a chemical that the transmitter produces in their saliva, hence why it's transmitted by biting. The disease is frequently called "Vampirism", which comes from the name of the chemical that transmits the disease, known as "Sanguinus Vampirus", hence 'Vampires'. Like the legends, they don't age and they don't die unless their body is destroyed, although a lot of the stuff said about them is just hearsay. For example, they do NOT sparkle in the sun. That is just offensive slander spread by those who see the disability as a plague. However, the sufferers from the disease tend to be plagued by extreme violence, sanguiphilia, and a dislike of the sun. It's a very lonely life being a victim, and thus they tend to want to convert others, making their covens or 'den' wider and more inclusive, hence why there are stories about them trying to abduct people and turn them into vampires. However, despite the legends to the contrary, it does NOT make the sufferer sterile.or turn the foetus dangerous for bearing. In fact, it makes them hyperfertile, and their children are absolutely normal humans, although they tend to be pasty and have a lot of freckles due to poor reaction to vitamin D in sunlight.]

Although initially disgusted by his illness, he started discovering powers that he had never had before. He was not a mage, but he was able to use something that was very like magic. He fell in love with his abilities and pledged his allegiance to his coven, disappearing off the map. On the cold, dusty moors of the dukedom there is now a gravestone that belongs to Hal, although it's empty. For twenty years, he worked as a member of the coven, bringing new people into the fold, killing others and absorbing their essence as ghouls and demons. For the longest time, he was a corrupt and evil man, unable to control his blood-thirst. Women, children, even animals couldn't get near the coven without either being eaten or being corrupted. His power, enhanced by his noble blood, continued to grow and grow with each passing victim. However, people started to stay away from their lair and so they began to go out to find other victims. That was the day that Hal's reformation began, as he was selected to go corrupt a local priest. But, as he entered the chapel, the man stood there in front of him. Not afraid, not angry, not even pitying. He smiled at him as if he was just another member of his congregation and invited him to come up for prayers. Contrary to public belief, touching holy artifacts does NOT make vampires explode. They don't like crosses because they can be used for impalement, not because they particularly have any painful religious connotation. After all, it's just an illness, not a curse. But, he was surprised. For the last twenty years, he had always been seen as a monster or a god, he had never been seen as just a normal person. It was... nice, it brought him back down to earth. So, every time that he was able to sneak away, he would come to the chapel to find peace and hospitality. It was a reassuring harbor in his life. He began to reform, stopped drinking blood and tried to leave the coven after around two months of visits.

Unfortunately, when he fled, he stopped in to say goodbye to the priest and thank him for everything. The priest told him to go to Hargeon and ask for Emilionn, the Lamia Scale Guild Master at the time, and the priest's nephew. They were inevitably found, his scorned brothers followed him and found the man that had brought him reason in his life again. In spite, they attacked the old man and killed him, tempting Hal to come back with them with the offering of his blood. That was the last time that he openly joined in on activities other than the protection of others, as he finally snapped. He slaughtered the entire coven, murdering each and every last one of them. Their bodies were destroyed, as that was the only true way to kill a vampire. He took the priest's rosary before giving him a proper burial as a sign of respect and followed his instructions, going to Hargeon. At first, Emilionn wanted to kill Hal for not being able to protect his uncle, but eventually he came to respect the man, as it was clear that everything he did was to protect the people that he saw as worthy of protecting. He was not like the legends foretold, he was a domesticated vampire. He ended up working for the guild as a protectorate, never a true member, until he was 'killed' to protect the guild. He had a sword stabbed through his chest after diving in front of emillionn, shocking him with this sacrifice. What shocked him even more was when Hal pulled the sword out and used it to chop the head off of the one that had threatened his master. That night, for the first time, a non-mage was invited into a magic guild.

For thirty years, he and Emilionn were like brothers, with Hal leading the guild during the night when his abilities flourished the most and Emilionn leading it during the day when he was refreshed. He was seen as the ace of the guild, and ended up being the longest serving member of the guild after his sixtieth anniversary with the guild. However, every so often, Hal would end up having to go out during the night, allowing his feral side to break out and do some damage. He tried to do it in prisons, killing the ones that would cause pain to others. However, as his disappearances became more and more common, Emilionn decided to come investigate. What he saw shocked him, hal was releasing his dark side freely! He tried to step in and stop Hal, to bring him back to his senses, but got in the way of an attack meant for one of the death row inmates, crippling him. This shocked him back into humanity, allowing him to make the offer. He offered Emil the chance of being a vampire with him, never having to grow old and never having to fear death. He refused, but let Hal drain him nonetheless. He was not a vampire, but he was part of Hal from then on, his sense of right and wrong joining with hal's to make him the moral man he is today. When he returned the master's body to the guild, everyone was in shocked silence. Then, they did what he would never have expected. Unanimously, they all voted that he should be the GM. He was the strongest after Emil, and was now the longest member that was actually able to still act with full strength. He accepted, but refused the party. Instead, he made the night a somber night to remember the greatest hero of the guild, one who had been so dedicated to preserving human life that he had refused to let someone else die, no matter who they were. He personally got a stone mage to construct a statue of his 'brother' in the city center, reminding everyone that the best of humanity was able to be reached.

That was eighteen years ago, and Hal has had several break outs since. The longer he goes without breaking out into ferality, the worse the threat is.He gets those who are well enough to donate their blood to him as long as they're willing to try and prevent his dark side from slipping out at bad times. Now he leads Lamia Scale as the brother of their greatest hero, and the reminder that even the disabled have a strong part to play.
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Approved for GM of X-Rank. Also, I hope you dont take advantage of your non bleeding ability hm? LOL

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