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Post by Tempest on Sun Mar 24, 2013 6:17 pm

Name: Troublesome Escort
Mage(s) needed: 2 B-rank mages or 3 C-rank (1 A-rank is possible, but not advised)
Word Count: B: 200 words per post minimum, 15 posts per player minimum
Client’s Name: Vector Strong
Location: Balsam Village to Ceder Town (Create the first part in Balsam and the second in Ceder)

Vector want his daughter, Daphne to be safely escorted to Ceder Town where he now resides. His butler Anto is currently with his daughter in Balsam. The reason he want them escorted is because he fears she may be in danger and he wants to take precautions.

Anto will handle the beginning of the mission as client. He will strongly advise you not to take sort of transportation as he claim that be even more dangerous and you would run the risk of endangering other people. Walking is then your "only" option. Vector's daughter however HATES it and will constantly complain about walking for so long and will protest if you travel without rest (to point that she will refuse to walk further). Comforting her along the journey is almost a must if you want her to come along.

Some where along the journey you will get ambushed by bandit mages. They come in a group and will aim for the girl, while some will distract you to best of their abilities. Obviously you fail if they take the girl, but also if they kill Anto. Because Daphne won't trust you anymore and unless you kidnap her to her father (which won't end up good) you won't get her anywhere.

Objective: Safely escort Dahpne and Anto to Ceder Town and meet up with Vector there.
Rewards: 27,000 jewels

3 D-rank: They use element magic (you can choose which one, so fire, wind, etc.)
1 C-rank: This one will use binding magic (what kind you may decided) This one along with with the 3 D-rank mages will try and stall you and keep your attention away from Daphne and Anto.
1 B-Rank: This one has: "Body Strength magic". (magic which enhance their body in all kinds of ways to obtain speed, strength, agility, etc.). This one will go straight for Daphne and Anto, once he sees an opening and will take her (kill Anto if he needs to) and run without any regards to his fighting teammates.

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