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Assualt! (Blue Pegasus to the defense)

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Assualt! (Blue Pegasus to the defense)

Post by Tempest on Tue Apr 23, 2013 8:22 am

A great afternoon has emerged. The sun at the top of the clear blue sky, radiate it's warm sunlight on the peaceful Clover Town. The town seems rather quiet from a distance as the only sound that can be heard is the is the gentle breeze that passes the town. Almost as if its meant to be a loud sound of destruction could be heard even form the distance. Smoke raising form the place of origin, could be seen. A small grin appears on Tempest face, who was looking from a far away distance. He patiently wait for the result and more important to see result of its inhabitants.

On the place of the destruction 3 individuals are located, who appeared, as if they came from thin air. Though are different in character appearance they have a certain feel which makes them very similar. One slightly shorter then the other two with blue hair in a long ponytail. The other with short green hair, in two tail an the other with long straight red hair.

The three individuals all carry outrages sized sword, which seems unappropriated for their body size but all wield them as if natural. The three are know as spirits and are attacking Clover Town without discrimination. While the red and green one seem to cast spells to destroy buildings in their sight the blue one dashes forward striking people who stand in their way....

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