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asuna windy the Wind sneaker

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asuna windy the Wind sneaker Empty asuna windy the Wind sneaker

Post by kuroasuna on Tue Apr 30, 2013 6:29 am

asuna windy the Wind sneaker Wind_sneaker_by_sakiakr-d4m8bb5


Name:asuna windy " the wind sneaker "
Gender: female
Age: 18
Birthday: 20 april
Sexuality: straight
Special Characteristics: N/A

asuna is a good girl .
she never attack everyone anymore and she loves the nature now .
she always respect anyone around her and give present to them .
asuna loves to disturbs people that talk bad things about her .
she was alone since she was born and she never realized who is her parent.
when asuna saw people for the first time , she always call them weirdos . asuna always travel around fiore to find a home .
asuna is a loner but also a good person, also asuna loves she is to reading books .she write a novel about herself and asuna always cry when someone and their family was together. asuna always feel that she is alone , so asuna needs a pet .
she found one cat and named her natalie .
She has a fondness of taiyaki, which was the first food she ate
she hopes for the sky is blue and no dark clouds around her.
at first she was very emotionless until she saw fairy tail.
when she saw fairy tail her heart burst and the bad feelings is all gone.

Asuna likes WINTER because it's the season when she was born she loved that season and always give people a lovely and touching present.
Asuna loves KITTENS because it'so cute and adorable , kittens have touch her heart.
Asuna loves INTERESTING BOYS because everybody needs a pairing and she need to find her own pairing
Asuna hates INSECTS because it's very gross she never touched a bug or a butterfly .
Asuna hates PERVERTS because asuna always have the scent of trouble, if she find out someone sneaking her she would smack and kick the one that sneaking .
Asuna hates LOSING A FRIEND because Asuna's friends in more important than her own life .


Weight:43 kg
Hair: asuna's hair are green with a black accessories white flowers.
Eyes: green
Others: black accessories and white flowers
asuna windy:
asuna windy the Wind sneaker RenaWSfanart1
General Appearance:
asuna is a slender and cute. she loves her green eyes and yellow hair .
she always receive a compliment because her cute and irresistible body. but she hates perverts around her ,she always attacks the perverts and one of her huge perverts is the principal. the principal always take out his clothes and run for asuna's autograph. kuro never have a boyfriend and don't even want one.
asuna always wear a green dress with cute accessories like this:
asuna windy the Wind sneaker RenaWSchibi

when she was in school , asuna always uses the right uniform.
she use ( in school ) a green dress ( not like her normal dress)
like this :

asuna windy the Wind sneaker Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRspvbDlKymMeYiQZhzDKrx7ZxvzHa1kkBgZc8jx_XQTxRKah_e

in the middle of city , she always wear a white and green t-shirt and (white green) girly trousers. like this:

asuna windy the Wind sneaker Rena__combat_ranger_by_kumanari-d4xytxs


Guild: fairy tail
Guild Tattoo: right arm
Rank: D-rank

Total Stat Points:
Strength: 4 SP
Speed: 4 SP
Agility: 4 SP
Stamina: 4 SP
Type: in battle , asuna are very fast at thinking a strategy and running too.
she can make her friends/alliance safe by attacking the enemy with special spells and defense spell.she can't defend herself but she can dodge and attack quickly.


History:Asuna was born in the town of magnolia and she did not know anything about this world.
when she was young she knows that she can use magic.
Asuna was exploring fiore and return but when she was home her home was missing.
Asuna cried in the corner of the city, and he was found by evil men.
Asuna was raised to be a weapon and a assassin.
she had grown up and did not know anything else about the city magnolia.
she kills the bad guy and continue her life as a assassin.
Asuna always give a hint that the assassin was Asuna
and Asuna does not care about the earth's natural.
Asuna became a emotionless and cold-hearted woman.
The next year, Asuna know of villages filled with good people.
she came to the village and look for the house, she found a black house.
and kill the people who live in that house.
to get food, she always secretly hiding in the shadows and steal food and also kill its owner.
2 years later, she traveled through fiore and realize she was wrong.
she never wanted to be a dark mage anymore.
she knew it was the right choice and Asuna started life as a good mage. she joined fairy tail ,gained power and have friends.
she want to be a good mage so that wrong doings are forgiven.
and so she lived happily since she joined fairy tail.
but she can't remember her own parents.
she never really wanted to know her parents.
actually as an " ex " assassin she have a tiny darkness inside her.
she was called nemesis the princess of darkness.
asuna windy the Wind sneaker Master_nemesis_by_ichi1985-d5gyfgl

if she was filled by darkness she will turn to nemesis and be evil forever.
the one that killed asuna's parent are nemesis.
also if asuna is good then nemesis is very bad.
and a few years ago , nemesis and asuna was separated and choose their own path.
nemesis takes the path of darkness and asuna takes the path of goodness.
they never realize they ware together , and they don't really like each other.
until, asuna found out that nemesis can't live in earth if asuna was alive.
so if nemesis saw asuna , nemesis will rush to defeat asuna.
but asuna always survive and nemesis always lose.
even tough if nemesis lose her power will gone and she can't fight again.

so... , she meet an alchemist and told the alchemist to make strength enhancer
it woks and nemesis reinforce her power , but the time is still running.
nemesis can only live in earth for 10 years , there only 9 year left.
so asuna's adventure is still going and she needs to fight for herself and her friends.

Face Claim: rena , wind sneaker I elsword ( anime game)

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asuna windy the Wind sneaker Empty Re: asuna windy the Wind sneaker

Post by Tempest on Tue Apr 30, 2013 2:07 pm

Ey, I will be grading your app. Not to be impolite but before I can grade your app of the character itself you need to change/remove/add contradictory things in your app. Also your spelling is a bit off (Although I can relate to that if English isn't your mother language)

So here are I few things I want to to change aside from the spelling:
- Capital letters. Every sentence starts with a capital letter and names do too.
- Proper spacing. So leave a space after a category ( Weight: 43 kg), and don't leave one after you end a sentence with a point.
- I was a bit confused about your name. Is it Asuna (which you mention throughout your app, or Kuroasuna, which you put after name?)
- Your appearance is confusing. For example at one point you say your hair is blond and then the other its green or black?? This also applies for for example your eyes.

For now can you please take a look at these things after that I'll look more into the app itself

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asuna windy the Wind sneaker Empty Re: asuna windy the Wind sneaker

Post by kuroasuna on Thu May 02, 2013 10:08 am

call me asuna but if you can call me kuroasuna

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asuna windy the Wind sneaker Empty Re: asuna windy the Wind sneaker

Post by Sponsored content

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