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Victoria Erza Silvershield WIP Empty Victoria Erza Silvershield WIP

Post by IzzyxD on Fri May 23, 2014 5:19 pm

Victoria Erza Silvershield WIP Tumblr_mp82wldYOt1re9sg9o1_500


Name: Victoria Erza Silvershield
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Birthday: 31st March
Sexuality: Straight
Special Characteristics: N/A

Personality: Victoria is a silent character that doesn't like communicating with people a lot. She tends to sit in a dark corner of the guildhall, alone, and drink. She is a really arrogant character, and sometime has a really high ego. She can act like a smartass, and is really competitive. Victoria is also a sociopath and a bit of a psychopath at times. She is also a girl capable of controling her emotions perfectly, so most of the time she resembles a careless girl. She is cruel, sadistic and hates the un-magical people, so she is willing to kill them all one day.

In a fight, Victoria tends to fight alone, she is alone wolf. She does not like fighting in a group, since it can get difficult, and comebody can screw the strategy or the fight, making the team fail majorly, while, if she is fighting alone, she is pretty sure she cannot fail. She likes killing her enemies quickly, and the ones with whom she has past issues, slowly and painfully. She doesn-t like tortuting, but will do it if it is necessary. She can also irritate her enemies ina fight only to get more action and make the fight more interesting.


· Alcohol: Victoria is a heavy drinker and enjoys drinking a lot. It makes her forget about her problems.

· Fighting: Victoria considers fighting a way of working on basic skills like strength, speed,etc. and she find sit really fun to fight someone.

· Killing: Victoria enjoys killing since she believes that this proves to her that she is no weakling.


· Legal Guilds: Naturally, Victoria hates Light Guilds since she is a dark mage. She was born and raised to hate them, so it is somehow been told to her to hate light guilds and love dark guilds.

· Annoying People: People who don't have anything to do in their free time and spend it by distracting or annoying other people are the type of people Victoria hates most, since those people usually distract her when she is in the middle of something or irritate her when she is in a good mood.

· Children: Victoria considers children noisy spoiled brats, and that is mainñy why she cannot stand them, since they are always whinning for things that they cannot have and they don't even understand the problems their parents have that don't allow them to give their children everything they want.


Height: 5,5''
Weight: 118 pounds.
Hair: Medium long, straight brown. Usually worn down.
Eyes: Stormy Gray
Others: She has a Wolf tattoo on her back.
General Appearance: Victoria is a bit short character, since she is barely 5,5'', with porcelain pale skin and a curvy figure. She has an average length perfect, silky, straight brown hair that reaches to her shoulders. She has beautiful, catlike stormy gray eyes and long, pianist fingers on her hands.

She is often seen wearing the uniform consisting of a short, light-brown jacket, a white shirt, a dark brown sash around the waist covering the hips, white pants and dark brown knee-high leather boots. A unique part of her attire is a dark red scarf. Sometimes she wears a katana on her back.

There are times in which Victoria wears dresses too, and that is usually on formal Grimoire Heart meetings.


Guild: Grimoire Heart
Guild Tattoo: Indigo, around her navel.
Rank: D

Total Stat Points:
Strength: 2 SP
Speed: 5 SP
Agility: 5 SP
Stamina: 4 SP
Type: Victoria is an agressive, bold character who believes that offense is the best way to defeat an enemy and defense is useless. She is fast, a person who doesn't like slow fights, and she preferes always attacking first. Despite all that, Victoria doesn't have a lot of strength, and one of the little weapons she can lift is a katana or daggers/scimitars.


History: Victoria was born in

Face Claim: Mikasa from Attack on Titan


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