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Post by Etsuyo Miyasaki on Sat Jan 12, 2013 1:04 am

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Name: Etsuyo Miyasaki
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Birthday: January 14th
Sexuality: Emotionally Asexual , Physically Bisexual
Special Characteristics: She has a very youthful look in the face, but her torso and legs are completely toned and nearly muscular, like an Olympian.

Personality: Unlike her sisters, Etsuyo is more serious and far less forgiving. She isn't a girl whom has gone off the deep end of insanity or anything like that, it is just how, she felt that she had to be the person whom looked out for her little sisters, and due to all of the back-stabbing and betrayal that befell her family, she had lost most of her trust in a lot of people whom happened to be in positions of power. She disliked giving anyone any hint that she had weakness, even going far enough to train herself in ways. However, she might not be emotionally attracted to other people, but she is still a woman whom has urges. These can't be denied.

What ways did she train her mind? Well she no longer finds anything or anyone sexually attractive, as to protect herself from falling in love with someone. She was able to learn to not show emotion often around people she didn't trust, making her seem stoic unless her sisters are around. Speaking of being around her sisters however, she seems to be a very kind and respectful girl. Never being hostile with them despite anything they choose to do. She never seems to lose her cool, as she is the one whom has to keep the sister trio emotionally stable.


  • Family: She cares about her family far more than she does about anything or anyone else in this world. Even herself. Because of her families prior reputation, she is defensive of the family name and the legacy behind it.
  • Battle: Because of the fact that she trusts no-one, he has become a bit more violent than others. She is a woman without remorse, and will hurt anyone whom she figures will cause a threat to the two girls she loves.
  • Money: She is used to being powerful, and rich. So she has a bias towards money, through seeing how respect and admiration are the basis of what it takes to be rich, she understands it's over-all value, not caring about much things but that.


  • Strangers: She was betrayed by a family friend when she was younger, someone whom was in a position of trust. It was due to this that she ultimately hates people she does not know, and she does not accept the fact that her sisters are not naive. Because of this she is initially cold and uninviting
  • Men: She has a bad experience with most men, and it is through men that she finds all of her hatred residing, that isn't to say that in the right moment she wouldn't take advantage of their obvious weakness however. Her father sent most of his physical abuse towards her, which is why she acts as a shield now.
  • Women: Women are weak in her mind, ironically she hates them all, mostly due to the death of her own mother, She finds them to be unimpressive. However she will partake in certain activities with females if the time is correct.


Height: 6'1in
Weight: 120lbs
Hair: Golden Blonde
Eyes: Sea-Blue
Others: She has no distinct scent.
General Appearance:


Guild: Sabertooth
Guild Tattoo: Right-butt cheek.
Rank: C


Face Claim:
Etsuyo Miyasaki
Etsuyo Miyasaki

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