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Post by Fate Rider on Sun Mar 10, 2013 5:03 pm

Fate Rider  Rider-fate-stay-night-18536494-630-903


Name: Fate Rider
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Birthday: June 26
Sexuality: Pan-sexual
Special Characteristics: She has her eyes covered almost all the time by a pink snake skin cover.

Personality: Fate is silent, sultry, and vigilant, yet never hesitating to go into combat. She is always faithful to her magic, even when things aren't going her way. But when they are not going her way, she makes them her way with a slip of the finger. Even though she rarely talks, taunting her opponent with little motions and suggestions seems to work for her, especially if a slut is what she acts.

However, She is very protective of her underlings and peers/masters. And willing to sacrifice herself for the greater "cause". She is very logical and she doesn't act out of anger or instinct. This applies a lot to battle. She studies her opponent until she is sure of every weakness they posses. And then she attacks them with her having an advantage.

She often finds amusement in others bickering. She practically feeds off of it. However, even with her love of fighting, she rarely gets involved with others affairs. That's just how she is. She will, however, watch the fight. Or the argument in hopes of seeing things that will help her in the future when she might have to battle those same people.

She is very self conscious about her looks. She is told she is beautiful, but one insult and she will go crazy. She rarely thinks of herself as "Pretty" and is scared when it comes to other peoples opinions. This is due to a curse but on her by not a mage, but a witch who decided that she was to beautiful for her own good. She then cursed her with a seal on her forehead, so that she would forever be branded as "Ugly" in her own eyes. However, this is not the reason for the eye patch.

Her wicked and cruel battle style is often seen as torture. And for good reason. Fate does not want to simply "win" a fight. She wants to show the opponent who he or she is dealing with. It will start out slow with a couple of simple cuts and bruises. Then they move to the real stuff. The summoning of buildings and Monsters to beat the living spirit out of the opponent. Even when the opponent is knocked out she wont stop. She will not stop till it is proven to her that her opponents spirit and pride have been crushed, just like there bones.

A fight will usually end with blond and maybe some brain matter on the ground, along with the smile and silent yet cruel laughter of Fate as she begins to stomp on the body as if it were a broken toy.

- Alcohol: She loves the taste and she gets the buzz, but she can chug almost any amount and still not get totally waited
- reading: Reading is calming. You can often find her reading a book on war or how to kill someone. Or even the occasional romance novel. However, if you see this, RUN AWAY! it means that her mask is down and s*** will get real.
- Snakes: She has been refereed to as "The reincarnation" of Medusa. One of the reasons is because of her love for the adorable slithering beasts.
- Speed: she loves the feeling of going really fast, kind of like a roller coastar.
- Blades: she loves the feeling of using a blade and slicing into somebodies skin.
- Finding other insecurities: She has a lot of free time.
- Acrobats: She is extremely Flexible
- Chains: a bit into BDMS.
- Stalking: she is often used to get information from others and following them around to get information that will benefit her or her goals.
-The weak: they have no business meddling in any affairs, weather it be hers, or there own.
-Pain: She normally uses summons to attack her opponent, there for she is not used to pain, however, if you manage to hurt her, you better pray for what is next to come.
-Measuring height: She isn't that tall, but she thinks she is. She hates it when people know her height even though she is average height for someone her age.
-Mirrors: The witch cursed her so that she thinks she is hideous beyond recognition. She never wants to see herself ever.
- Cats: they are evil and just unpleasant.
- Dogs: because people say they are better then snakes.
- Her sisters: they where cruel and unusual to her. Why should she love them?


Height: 5 foot 7 inches
Weight: 125.65 pounds
Hair: Pinkish Purple and flows down to her ankles
Eyes: a light almost white purple.
Others: Her eyes Iris' are still circular, her pupil is a square. This is partially sue to the witches curse set upon her when she was younger.
General Appearance: She has long pink hair that stretches down to her ankles. Her outfit consists of a short dark purple and pink dress that stops right under her chest. Her sleeves then start 3 inches from her shoulder, and end at her wrist. Her outfit is decorated with a few pink thick stripes. She also has on a Pink Snake skin eye cover to prevent people from looking into her eyes. On her forehead is the Norowareta meisei (Japanese for Cursed Fame). It made her beautiful beyond belief. Almost any man or even some women would find her beautiful. However, she finds her self disgusting and unrecognizable. She has tried suicide before and it didn't work. She may never realize that her curse was just that, a curse. She usually either has a cold, dark expression on her face, a sinister smile, or a dark and cruel smile that makes you feel as though your soul is hers. Its all apart of being in charge, right?


Guild: Tartaros, Chaos Sinner
Guild Tattoo: In Pink on her left boob above her dress.
Rank: S-rank (was told I could be the 6th Sin if this was good enough)

Total Stat Points: 48
Strength: 8 SP
Speed: 15 SP
Agility: 13 SP
Stamina: 12 SP
Type: Her physical strength is next to pathetic. It would be like getting hit by someone who can bench 130. However, she makes up for this with her Speed. She is incredibly fast, running up to 40 miles per hour, with out the use of any spells. Her Agility and Stamina are great as well, with her limber body she is like a gymnast with her swift yet speedy moments. However, her speed, agility, and stamina come with a cost. Because of these being so overwhelmingly powerful, her endurance and defense are not very good. She cant handle pain well and blocking is a pain for her. However, lucky she doesn't need to block due to her Agility and Stamina, so she can dodge attacks with out having to head on face them. But this causes trouble with full scale ranged attacks.


Her childhood was that of cruel fate. Born into a family that had never planned for her, nor never wanted her. The first 5 years of her life where utter torture. They named her “Fate”, because her parents thought it was cruel fate that they gave birth not only at all, but to a girl of all things. The day before she was born her parents got married because it was “the only civil thing to do” according to them. Because of her, her dad got kicked out of the family fortune because he “knocked up a lower level slut”. This, of course, forced her father to get a job. And being the lazy ass that he was, he got fired almost once a week. Its amazing how he kept a job. And every day he got fired, he would come home drunk, and Beat Fate Senselessly.

This went on until Fate was 5. That’s 5 years of being beaten senselessly due to her mothers and fathers terrible well-being. But her parents where then “blessed” with twin daughters. When they were born, fate felt sorry for them. Being born into this family. But something was different about them. Something “magical”. Yet Fate suspected Dark magic. They ages twice as fast a normal human. It was obvious that something had gone wrong. However, her mother and father changed. They no longer beat fate, but they neglected her instead. Her sisters where the 2 more beautiful girls anyone had laid eyes on. They looked, talked, acted, and dressed the same. Their names where Ai and Kanari. (Love and Pretty). They where cruel sisters. Never nice to anyone but cute boys. They taunted Fate for being “ugly”. She was actually very beautiful, but Ai and Kanari made the prettiest think horrid.

By the time Fate was 8, she had been fed up with everyone. Her parents neglected her, and her sisters made her life a living hell. So she then began to teach her self the dark arts of dark magic. It started with simple things. Like creating a snake, or forming a human out of clay. Then it got hard. Crafting weapons and orbs of dark energy.

When she was 12, she had finally learned magic at an A-rank level. It took 4 years but she did it. She then knew what she wanted to do. Run away. She hated her Life. She wanted it to end. Her younger sisters looked at though they where 7 looked to be 14. There fame and beauty had only gotten more glorious, which made fate even more upset. It then struck her. Why run? Why not torment those who tormented her for her whole life. Yes, that was the plan. Kill them, kill them all.

And so she did. After killing her mother and father she tried for her sisters, but it wouldn’t work. Every attack would bounce right off them. It was then when she found out what they where. They looked her in the eyes and spoke to her, “Stupid, don’t you get it?” one told her. “We are the living and breathing forms of perfection. One can not kill us.”

Fate was horrified. How would she kill them? How would she get rid of them? It then dawned on her how. She would tell the world. It wasn’t long till the magic council found the 3 of them and banished them away. Sending them to an island for prisoners and war prisoners. However, everyone else was dead. It was just the three of them on that island. Luckily for Ai and Kanari, they where “perfect”. Their bodies required no food or water. Fate however did. She had to go off and fend for food all by herself. This went on until she was 15, meaning both of her sisters looked 20, and still beautiful. Every Night Fate would think of ways to torture her horrid sisters, but she knew none would work. Her sisters where still mean and cruel on this island just like when they were off of it.

One day, while fate was searching for food, she found a little house. It even had a light on. Fates cheeks where covered in red from the tears she cried almost every day. When she knocked on the door, an elderly women answered. She was old and quite ugly, yet Fate didn’t tell her that. The women then asked a question. One simple question. ‘Why are you crying my dear?” Fate then made a terrible mistake. “Because I am ugly…” This answer infuriated the women. Her cloths began to change and a witches hat formed. Her body glowed a sickening greenish red and her boody looked as it it had turned to a bone/flesh mix. “UGLY! UGLY!” the witch yelled. “You think you are UGLY!” The witch the thrusterd her hand towards Fate and sent her flying in to a tree, knocking her unconscious.

Fate awoke 3 days later. Finding the house and the witch gone. Her head hurt and her vision was blurry. As she reached back to camp she realized that her sisters didn’t miss her at all. They where sitting there playing patty cake, except now they looked 16. “I thought you all where supposed to be 20 or something?” fate asked. The girls laughed. “No. We choose out age. Its all apart of being perfect. “ they laughed at her.

It was only a matter of time before Fate realized what the Witch had done to her. A few weeks later her body and her face became more structured. She became “beautiful”. Even compared to her sisters she was prettier. Her sisters however did not care. “Wow fate, you look attractive now.” They told her. When Fate asked about jealousy, they twins answered her with a simple “ Jealousy is a Sin, and a Sin is not perfect.”

No matter how many times the twins told her she was pretty, she hated her self. She wanted to die. She felt as though the witch had cured by making her the most ugly girl in the world. She looked in a mirror and cried herself to sleep that night. It was only after that that she discovered part 2 of this cures. A man was ship wrecked on the island. When fate tried helping him, there eyes met. The man screamed in terror as if something was eating him alive, yet nothing was there. She realized that her eyes caused a great deal of Pain to all those who looked into them, by causing an illusion to form.

After this she kept on doing it. She loved the thrill of causing people pain and misery. Then it happened. She began to feed on it. She no longer required food, just the broken dreams of her enemies and others.

When Fate was 20, she realized what had happened. It had been a year sense anyone had visited the island, which meant a year with out food. She then found a way to not only feet, but get rid of her sisters. They bared no malice against fate, and they realized that it was no other fault then their own that there sister fate ended up like the monster before. They then allowed for them selves to be eaten.

Now fate is 21. She found a guild that was abandoned and it came to her. “I shall rebuild it. And make all others fear me. As I am now… GOD!”

Face Claim: Rider from Fate/Stay Night

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Fate Rider  Empty Re: Fate Rider

Post by Tempest on Sun Mar 10, 2013 8:19 pm

Wow, that definitely someone I should stay away from. Anyway you app looks fine but can you please do the following:

- Check the spelling. Examples: beet --> beat; costar --> coaster; Fogs --> Frogs (I assume). Most of these are in your personality and history

- Put capitals where needed so: "reading" and "snakes" in your likes should have capitals.

- Can you please please makes separate paragraph into your personality section. It makes reading it more easier.

Can you please do these things and then I'll approve it.

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Fate Rider  Empty Re: Fate Rider

Post by Tempest on Sun Mar 10, 2013 8:54 pm

Oke it looks fine now, please check your spelling in the future before posting.

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