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Tempest Pb8q110


Name: Tempest "The Wanderer"
Gender: Male
Age: ??? (Age set on 19 --> Stopped counting after 100)
Birthday: November 12
Sexuality: Hetero
Special Characteristics: Tempest his eyes give a soft glow when he is using large sums of magic for spells, which is caused by the after effect of the "Angel Gear" that Tempest absorbed. Also when Tempest deploys his wings his eyes turn back yellow.

By "accepting a a strong leveled eternity sword one becomes a Eternal. An Eternal is a being who's body who consist of nothing but magical energy. When an Eternal dies its body turn into yellow dust like magic which spreads slowly disappearing into the environment. Injuries that occur will have more an effect on magic the eternal has left, thus Tempest can't feel pain directly. Things like bleeding can occur, however once it leaves the bodies touch it will turn to yellow dust and disappear (even with torn clothing).

An Eternal is granted a huge power from its eternity sword giving Tempest access to new spells, while becoming an eternal also boosts his own skills.  They minds, however become one with their swords and because they are in a way more powerful an eternal is either taken over to fur fill the sword wishes or are in sinc because of their common goal.

In return an eternal also need to pay a price. For starters an eternal can't age, thus is forced to live and fight until defeated in battle. An eternal loses his right to whatever race they once were to become an eternal (and thus their pros and cons, for example lost body). An eternal will be forgotten once he/she leaves a planet behind and his/her existence will be erased from everyone memory. Also physical things like for example pictures will alter to erase the eternal existence, to the point that history itself can be changed just to exclude the eternal's actions. Another downside is that an eternal's power depends on the density of the planet's mana. Earthland's mana is quite thick, however if to compared to, for example Edolas, Tempest will be relativity weaker.

Tempest was usually very kind and formal which he learned form his “parents”. Even after years of training in the militia and doing ruthless mission after mission, he didn't abandon his kind-hearted nature. When he interacted with other people Tempest always tried even harder to be polite and especially to those he didn't knew. his over politeness was most of the time seen as weird by other people. This slowly disappeared however as his gear unlocked more powers. It wasn't the power which made him lose his kindness but rather the situations he came into. It become more and more unnecessary to kill people, so he could protect others, he noticed that his kindness didn't get him anywhere. His calmness and collective and thinking is something he always kept, with the exception of when someone close to him got hurt or died. Tempest was good at thinking of strategies to overcome obstacles above his own skills. Especially during his somewhat younger years, Tempest always believed that someone is innocent till the opposite is proven, and was considered to be rather naive. Through many experiences he however learned the hard way not to let other fool you in any way. Tempest wasn't the type to go out and make many friends, especially when his town got destroyed, but even after he made 2 friends in the army, he kept at it, but continued to lose those who were close to him. At first before unlocking his gears he always acted childishness when he saw people's magic and other things he really liked. Tempest is great at bluffing. He was taught by the militia and though he isn’t particularly proud of it, he used it to avoid dreadful conflicts. When on an dangerous mission or threatening battles his kindness somewhat disappeared and he only focused on the mission or everyone’s safety. This graduation become his own personality over the course of his human life.
Having lived for over decades Tempest sees himself as a rather wise person compared to humans. Tempest is now more indifferent rather then kind which he used to be. He looks over human's actions with keen eyes and sees them as growing starting materials (not literately). Tempest hopes to find people who are on par with his strength and won't hesitate to draw this out of them by any means necessary, enjoying himself when fighting. He sees people who aren't even close to his level as sprinkling hope but sees them as nuisance if they challenge him in anyway regardless of what Tempest may have done to them. Tempest hates his own fate for becoming an eternal, but has accepted it to some extend and is prepared to become a dreadful fighting machine. His sword will is the role of a fallen angel. Angel who accept the power of darkness, yet swears to always be defeated in the end by true angels. Although nor Tempest, nor his sword are angels and not have accepted any form of darkness power, Tempest did obtain far great power then humans have but has agreed to in the end lose (and if necessary die in the name of justice). Tempest wasn't the type to make friends in the past, and now he is even less bounded to humans, and does his best to avoid any sort of relationship between them. Being alone isn't something Tempest likes in particularly but he know by now that it is for the best and simply accepts it. Tempest doesn't even hesitate anymore to kill and although he isn't as free to kill anyone, because of his role as dark angel, he won't stop himself anymore if one deserves to die. This is because in general he simply doesn't value a life anymore the way he once did.


- Magic - From the point from when he was young to the end of his human life Tempest really liked magic of any kind (with the exception of magic that caused direct harm to others). Simple seeing someones magic made Tempest all excited. The childish acting somewhat dissapeared as he advance more and more with his Earth Gear.

Tempest always wished for a magic of his own, since he was a child. After learning he could only copy that of others he always felt that he needed to hide this abillity, as he wasn't that proud of it. Now finally obtaining a true magic of his own, he isn't very thrilled about it, because of the price he had to pay for it and the things he had lost in the process.

- Sparring – Tempest loved a good match against someone. Especially when he that person was really strong. He felt that fighting (strong) people helped him improve his own skills. Besides from this he always thought that through a sparring match he could get closer to that person afterwards.

After Tempest unlocked his third and final gear, he lost the feeling he always had when fighting people just for fun. It could be because he simple didn't had the luxury anymore or because he broke his own rule of not killing people anymore. After Tempest had killed a lot of people and realized it he simply felt a battle was meant to kill.

- Askura & Yuki – Those were his army buddies and Tempest cared for them like brother and sister. Unfortunately he wasn't able to protect either of them in the end, as rather Yuki used his life to protect him and Askura. Tempest wasn't able to protect Askura in the end either but at the very least was able to obtain her essence. The sad part is that even if he was able to protect them it wouldn't had matter anyway, as Tempest is now far beyond their time.

- People that protect others – Tempest always had a great deal of respect to those who spend their time protecting innocent people. He believed, they did what he always wanted to do and looked up to them. Following his own road he managed to protect countless of people but never managed to protect those he really cared about. The act of those who protect others is still something he admired in people, even though Tempest himself is now far away from that.

- Nature – As a child he always enjoyed watching various plants and animals. Having gotten a notebook for his 10th birthday Tempest spend day in forests to draw whatever plant or animal he could find. Even when he was in the army he used his free time to sneak out of the facilities to enjoy nature around it. After his notebook got destroyed got destroyed when he detonated himself he also lost his main interest to draw. Though he still enjoys nature, its not a the big obsession it once was.

- Wings – Even before he loved magic Tempest loved wings more than anything and had always envied everyone who had them. Being able to fly toward the sky without a care in the world was but a foolish child wish he had for a very long time. Tempest was able to spring out his own wings after he absorbed Amy, holder of the Angel Gear, however because of the situation he didn't really had time to admire it nor fly away casually. Up till now, he still is able to use his wings however the desire he once had for obtaining them is barely noticeble and simple sees them as a usefull tool.

- Time - Having become an Eternal, Tempest has the fine luxury of time. Tempest can no longer die from aging (he doesn't age anymore). This why he has a more lenient way of dealing with things and is more patient when comes to dealing with issues.

- Justice - After all the stuff Tempest has been through he now believes, more then ever in true justice. People must get what they deserve and will stop at nothing to obtain that. Having accepted the role a Dark Angel he also accepts his own undeniable fate when the time comes.  

- Freedom - During his "human" live Tempest always felt he was bounded by fate and didn't had any freedom. He was made into a weapon and got discarded for being a bad result. Even after that, Tempest always felt he was forced to be involved into the conflict caused by the gear holders.

- Strong People - Taken the role of a Dark Angel, he now fully enjoys  people who are really powerful. Tempest has obtained great powers, but always seeks out people who can (at the very least) match his power in some way. In some way this is linked to previous love for sparring, however now, he won't simple hold a match against someone, powerful but will aim for kills.

- Other people dying – Throughout his human life, he has experienced it multiple times. At first he couldn't handle it as he froze in place when he saw sometime like that happen. When he enter the army the same thing happened and it was his friends Yuki and Askura that always returned him back to reality.

After he himself killed countless of people for the first time to protect Askura and innocent civilians. He was first denying that fact. After lots of weird flashes caused by the Earth Gear, he came to the conclusion that he indeed did this and it won't the last time either. Accepting this, activated his final gear and had the biggest impact on his personality as well, as the act of killing become far more easier for him.

- Bullies & Thugs – He can’t stand people that abuse others for their own personal gain. It was something Tempest quickly realized he was doing himself, when he joined the army. After being betrayed by them he simply felt he didn't had the right to hate or hold a grudge against them, as he was, in a way, similar.

- Special Militia – Having trained there for years and in the end being betrayed, Tempest always hated the Special militia. His anger towards them grow even stronger when he realized they where involved in Askura's disappearance. Later he found out the Special Militia had already been wiped out and was born anew under the rule of user of the Devil's Gear who named himself Akuma (which means devil). Holding a similar grudge, as Tempest, against the people that gave him his gear he used the people of the militia as tools to complete his desires.

Even though in the end they were merely used by Akuma, Tempest still can't forgive the militia as it was the thing that took Yuki away form him. He also couldn't stand their weakness of simply being controlled by someone.

- Rich People – When Tempest was still human he doesn't necessarily hated rich people, but simply couldn't stand those who openly showed and bragged about it. He felt those people should have used their money for other people who had troubles for lacking it. This was probably his naive way of thinking and looking at things, but it still made him more angry towards such people. Now Tempest doesn't have any sort of connections to humans form Earthland and therefor isn't concerned anymore for each person's wellbeing thus he doesn't necessarily hate rich people anymore.

- Revealing his own ability - When Tempest unlocked his first gear and discovered he was able to copy other people's abilities he was very reluctant to show it, to point where he usually lied saying he wasn't a mage at all. He did this because he always felt it wasn't his magic to begin with and it would be shameful to use other people's magic without restraint. After unlocking more gears the feeling of, only showing his powers when in an emergency, became somewhat different. Then he held back his powers to trick his opponents, hoping to give an edge it battles.

Now, Tempest hardly has any restraints to reveal his powers, even though it is strictly spoken not his own. He now even goes to the point where he simply displays his powers to scare people off. Even when fighting Tempest doesn't hesitate to show his opponents his power.

- Guilds - When Tempest joined the army he was thought a lot about guilds and how they operated. The army he enlisted in was more a rogue like guild at the time and dealt with all kinds of 'behind the scene' missions and at the time it may have been considered a dark guild. The reason why Tempest didn't like guilds in general back then, was that even the legal guilds didn't do much to protect citizens (for example with his hometown that got destroyed) and usually they only fought against each other for (to his opinion) stupid reasons, like proving who's stronger.

Now back, he doesn't have a better opinion of guilds, but he willing to put them all to test to see if they truly that which Tempest hoped they would be. In order to do so, he willing to use his powers without reserve.

- His own powers - It not that he hates all the aspects of his powers, but more the prices for having them. Tempest didn't choose to have this power, but was forced into it, making him hate it even more. Burdened with being a Eternal, Tempest isn't able to age anymore and is forced fight until dead liberates him form his role. The other problem is that he able to travel to different worlds, however by leaving one world, it will erase "everything" that the Eternal did there. Tempest simply hates the fact that he will always be forgotten no matter what happens.


Height: 5’6”
Weight: 125Ibs
Hair: Short black and spikey
Eyes: (Black -->) Blue (after 2nd gear). Turns golden when deploying his powers from Angel Gear
Others: N/A
General Appearance:
Old clothing (before final gear):

Even though tempest left the militia, he still wears his militia uniform as it feel comfortable. It has a yellow brown color with a round formed symbol on his back with a red wide arrow pointing upwards on it. The symbol however has 3 strips covering it which was done with a sword. He also wears a black leather glove on his right hand to relieve some of the strain given from holding his sword. Furthermore eh also wears black sturdy boots. Tempest was given a green scarf which was a gift from Yuki during their exchange of gifts. The scarf is rather important to Tempest since its that last thing by which he can remember Yuki. He has he small pouch Tempest carries on his back slightly below the symbol in which he used to carries his weapons. Now it only contains a notebook along with a pencil.
Clothing afterwards (after final gear):

Everything Tempest owned was destroyed after he had detonated himself. After his body completely recovered when he unlocked his third and final gear he was given clothing by a man named Raven who seemed to have saved him several times and kept watch over Tempest from a distance. His new clothing were light weighted and infused with magic making it nullify very weak physical damage. It was a black colored uniform with red lines crossing form the pants towards the shoulder parts of the sleeveless shirt. A green scarf was added as well, which looked like a duplicate of the one Yuki gave to Tempest. This was probably given out of consideration and even though Tempest accepted it with hesitation he quickly destroyed it afterwords saying it simply wasn't the real thing.

Clothing now:

Tempest now wears pretty  simplistic clothing, consisting of blue pants and vest. He wears a white colored coat over it, which looks more a like a cape. Occasionally when blends in among the people he wears a long brown cape covering his entire body till his above his ankles. The hood is rather long making it difficult to see Tempest face, if looking at a distance.


Guild Tattoo: N/A
Rank: Z+

Total Stat Points: ?
Strength: ?
Speed: ?
Agility: ?
Stamina: ?
Type: Tempest his way of fighting has changed since he became a Eternal. Mainly because before he didn't had that much physical power nor strong magic of his own to rely on. That is why he mainly fought using his agility trying his best to avoid attacks waiting for opening or creating them himself. After obtaining the power of his eternity sword he is considered a stationary fighter. Mostly standing in one spot during combat he now relies on his powerful barrier spells to protect himself from enemy attacks without the need for possible retreat. Using his power mainly to overwhelm his opponents, Tempest hardly tries to move out of enemies their way as he uses spells from a distance if the prefer to ranged. Although Tempest carries a eternity sword he hardly uses it for combat even if his opponent is fighting in close range, as he mainly uses his free hand. This can change if he finds out his opponent posses great powers of their own. He still likes to bluff opponents (mainly weaker ones) using his pure brute force as a pretext (meaning simply showing it off), however now he doesn't do it to evade needless conflicts, but does it to test his opponent's resolve.

As Tempest has taken the role of a dark angel he will fight the end of someones capabilities to test how far they can go and depending on how they fare Tempest can decide on whether he lets himself get defeated or not (Although he usually refrains from killing people if they deemed them self worthy on some level). Sometimes Tempest can get rather excited about someones power, to the point where he sometimes forgets his own goals and on a unconscious level releases more and more power even though his opponents can succumb slightly because of this. Luckily for Tempest, his sword will always restrain Tempest is this goes to far.


Childhood & Birth of Tempest:
As a child Tempest Tenma was raised normally in a peaceful village. He had no particular dreams or passion other than the beauty of nature. He usually went outside to go to the nearby forest to look at the animals and plants. He made notebooks of all the plants and animals he could find. The village was remote not to far away from Magnolia. Occasionally people visited the village. People that happen to have magical talents always caught Tempest’s attention. Some came as travelers who performed to gain money. Some people that preformed usually learned some of the younger ones some of their magic tricks. Tempest, who loved magic, always paid close attention, in comparison to the other children, to the instructions of those who taught but for some reason Tempest couldn’t learn any skill. The other children could all learn the easier skills, with some of them, through trial and error. This made Tempest stand-out in a bad way and usually got left out, when the children went out to play. Being left out, Tempest become more absorbed in nature.

One day, the once so peaceful village was raided by thugs. Houses where set on fire, people were killed without discrimination. Tempest’s parents were also attacked but before they died they sacrificed themself in order to insure Tempest’s safety. Tempest barely survived the raid with the aid of his parents, but was unfortunate that he was the only survivor. He couldn’t forget the sight of all those who were killed right in front of him, with the only though in his mind that he could be next. As he escaped the his village he watched his village burn down as the helpless screams of dead filled his head.

After that gruesome experience he resolved himself to become stronger He wanted to become stronger in order to protect people. To make sure, the things he experienced would never happened again. He never wanted people close to him disappear ever again. After aimlessly travelling with those thoughts he then stumbled on a military facility, called the Militia Enforcer (EM). It was located in a remote area. Tempest decided to enroll hoping to get stronger to achieve his newly set goals. Even though Tempest was only 12 years old, the militia still accepted him. At his registration they asked for Tempest’s name. He decided to abandoning his own last name, as it reminded him of his family and his village he referred to himself as Tempest, and was enrolled being one of the younger members of the militia. Tempest learned how to fight, both a sword as well as unharmed. He also learned all kinds of survival methods and tactics, for battles. For two years straight he got drilled at trained to push his limits.

Because he couldn’t make any friends in his home town, he had difficulties in the militia as well opening up to other people. He eventually met a boy named ‘Yuki Shirai’ who seemed a few years older than him and befriended him. Later he met a girl named ‘Askura’, who was around the same age as Tempest. Although young, the three where quite gifted, for their age and some of the other new members looked in envy at the three young ones. Yuki was well known for his abnormal strength, both physical as mental. Askura was a master with all kinds of weapons and Tempest was known for his quick adaption. After three years of training every member of the militia that passed was sent on mission to improve in field work. Tempest along with newly made friends passed and mostly completed mission after mission for half a year. All three then transferred to another facility, not too far away to learn and improve on their magical abilities. Yuki was very gifted right from the start, being capable of handling very powerful lightning based magic. Askura was also strong in magic, in her cause earth based. Although not as gifted as Yuki she too exceeded most other members of her grade. Tempest, however couldn’t learn even the basic spells no matter how hard he tried. Because Tempest was unable to learn magic everyone made fun of him except Yuki and Askura who stayed by his side and supported him.

Fights among the members were common. Everyone wanted to show off their strengths or wanted to proof something. Tempest often sparred with Askura and Yuki. Having been electrocuted many times by Yuki’s magic, Tempest started to feel a little accustomed to it. Tempest, who did have any magical talents, often received fight request as mockery as well. Every time, however Yuki or Askura stood up. Everyone knew them and then often backed down. One day another soldier challenged Tempest, who was known for his high leveled in fire skills. Yuki who was in the area wanted to step up but Tempest recalled the promised he made years ago and stopped him. Tempest wanted to become stronger so he could protect other, so getting tired of letting others protect him. The soldier knew Tempest’s weakness and made good use of it keeping a good distance while shooting a great array of fire projectiles. In battle Tempest usually kept in head cool and managed to dodge the projectiles for a while but his situation was hopeless and the inevitable happened as he got hit. Every soldier laughed as they say the seemingly weak Tempest got beaten. Yuki who was watching couldn’t take it anymore and wanted to step in, but stopped when he saw Tempest suddenly glow with light blue aura. Tempest who awakened to his power, stood up and looked the soldier in the eye with new confident, as the glow slowly disappeared. In shock the soldier stared at Tempest for a while but then continued his assault. Then to everybody’s surprise Tempest countered with the soldier’s magic with a similar fire projectile of his own. Everyone, including Tempest, looked amazed seeing Tempest suddenly using a pretty high ranked skill. Tempest, who almost forgot how much he liked magic, couldn’t help but smile. He stood his ground ready for another round, however the fight was interrupted by the superiors. The superiors had gotten a sudden interest in the in Tempest’s power. A few days later he, along with Yuki and Askura were appointed in a special squad. The squad was sent to many behind the scene missions. To celebration their promotion Askura engrafted a yellow whirlpool in their swords. She claimed it was amateur work, but she didn’t change it when she had gotten better in grafting since all three saw it as a symbol of friendship, regardless of its quality. Later on each one exchanged items to each other. Tempest received a gift from Yuki, which was the green scarf. Tempest gave Askura the pendant he had gotten when he was a child. Yuki received a special made glove from Askura. She claimed it could enhance Yuki’s lightning capabilities.

Combining their skills Yuki, Askura and Tempest succeeded mission after mission almost flawlessly. Each mission however suspension grew among the trio, as their missions usually demanded unreasonable actions. One mission, they were ordered to kill an officer from him of an opposing kingdom and take specific information. On the site, however they discovered that the man they needed kill was nothing more than an innocent citizen. Refusing to fulfill their mission they returned empty handed, only to find out that they have fallen in a trap. They were betrayed by the very army they served and got chased out to a nearby rune. Cornered and with no options left Yuki decided to sacrifice himself, using his strongest spell to hold the army of so Askura and Tempest could escape. Yuki looked back at his friends with smile. He thanked them, for their friendship and how he became tired of the rich live he grew up in. He told them that money can never give a person real happiness. With his last words, which were: ’Never lose your kindness and stay true to yourself’, Yuki faced the incoming army squad that chased them. Using the glove he had received to its full capabilities, Yuki used his final skill. A big explosion followed, but its impact was to strong and even though Tempest and Askura were fleeing they were still caught in the explosion and were knocked unconscious. When Tempest woke up he noticed that he was alone in a dense forest. Having copied one the tracing skills one of the chasing soldiers used Tempest learned Askura was captured.

Using all his learned stealth skills he infiltrated the ME. He however noticed that Askura wasn’t around. Fearing the worst Tempest lost control and went on a rampage attacking he facility. Many new trained recruits were station there so Tempest was able to injuring many soldiers. He then came across the fire using soldier he fought before. Having grown stronger Tempest out bested the soldier. Tempest filled with rage was ready to kill the soldier. The soldier, who was shivering in fear seeing Tempest like that, begged for his life and he told Tempest that Askura escaped some time ago. Tempest suddenly remembered the words Yuki told him before he died and calmed down. Tempest, who was both injured and exhausted, was pretty soon cornered by many soldiers. A sudden flash then filled the entire facility and when the light faded Tempest suddenly disappeared.

When Tempest came by, he found himself once again in the forest he was before. If it wasn’t for the pain of his injuries he would have thought it was all a dream. Not thinking too hard of how he escaped and where the flash came from he went to Iselia. To be on the safe side he made sure not to make himself recognizable. He instincts were right, since its seemed that even in Iselia he wasn’t all that welcomes anymore. Knowing Askura was alive out there somewhere and with the advice Yuki gave him, he wandered around Eternal with his goal to look for Askura. Tempest travels to look for people who are in trouble. He knew that Askura had a similar feeling of protecting people and Tempest believes that by continuing to protect others he will eventually meet Askura again.  
hidden past:
Although Tempest doesn’t know this, he is actually the result of a failed experiment. As an infant his real parents were killed and he was collected along with 2 other infants to make humanoid weapons. Tempest who didn’t even have a name at the time was called X-000 and was given a power named ‘Earth’s Gear’. These 3 gears each have 3 levels in which each level gives the user more magical abilities. The experiments seemed to have failed however, as X-000 showed no magical capabilities. He was later discarded as a failed subject and donated to a family close to Magnolia. Later, the EM began to see a future in this technology and closed a deal in which they could use some of the skills the Gears would produce. Earth’s Gear had a skill called “Enchance”. Unfortunately for the EM this was the only skill the developers were capable of extracting. Even still, the EM noticed on those who tried to learn it that the skill, for some reason, was difficult to control

Earth Gear's power & Clash between the human weapons:
So his search began. Weeks went by quicker then Tempest taught was possible without the slightest clue of Askura's whereabouts. Also following his own path and the words of wisdom he got from Yuki he indeed tried to be useful across all the places Tempest stopped by. His pattern was pretty straightforward: He traveled to a town, asked the locals, if they may have heard or seen Askura and then simple looked around for people in trouble. Tempest didn't had much leads on Askura's looks, as since she too was a soldier it would have been fairly possible that she changed her outfit or covered her looks. She was also known as a weapon specialist and always carried a different weapon depending on the situation. Because of this Tempest, only leads where the yellow whirlpool symbol Tempest strongly believed Askura still carried and the pendant Tempest gave her. Unfortunately, nothing useful came out of his searches. Probably a bit out of frustration Tempest looked around for people who were trouble so he could help them out. This became a process that carried on for months as Tempest barely took the time to properly rest, from travelling or whatever injury he may have gotten during fights. His strong desire was probably his only driving force.

After months had passed Tempest came across a small remote village close the, at the time, poor Hargeon town. His left arm was badly injured, making movement with it slow and agonizing, his legs felt like lead from the immense strain of constant traveling. His body had seen better days as he slowly walked through this remote village. Tempest eyes then suddenly caught a rather suspicious person who seemed to have his/her eyes on Tempest, but immediately ran away after he/she noticed Tempest, knew of his/her presence. At first Tempest made nothing more then a mental note to himself making sure to pay attention, but the scene occurred many times afterwords. It was weird since Tempest wasn't that known outside of the ME, so if that person knew Tempest is could also mean that person holds some Intel on Askura. After the third time Tempest mustered the strength and ran after this cloaked person, hoping he could find some new clues. The cloaked person lured Tempest into a remote place of town pretty far away from civilization. The person revealed himself as if his task was completed and a man around his mid 30 was shown in front of Tempest. A dark smile appeared on the man's face as he greeted Tempest, as if he knew everything about him. Feeling this man's rather sinister presence, Tempest reached for his sword, but mainly because of his conditions he simply didn't stood a chance, against any decent fighter for that matter. The man hardly made any effort, as he extended he hand heavily assaulted Tempest with a rather unusual magic. Even after trying his best to stand strong he eventually fell, with a crushed eye socked and broken ribs and bones, as the man's final words were rather unusual considering his earlier actions.  

When Tempest opened his eyes again he found himself in a strange realm. It seemed he wasn't dead yet but the place he was in didn't seem natural either. It did looked familiar though as Tempest suddenly vaguely remembered the first he arrived in this place. It was the time he fought against one of the soldiers in the ME in a mock battle, after he outmatched because of his magic advantage. Before he could recall what happened that time, a mirror image of himself suddenly appears in front of him. Without saying anything his clone draws his sword and attack Tempest, as if it's only natural to do. Unclear on what was going on Tempest simply drew his sword and defended himself against his clone's attacks, getting caught in a fight to the dead. Tempest assumptions and instinct were right as the clone didn't use any sorts of magic, as he figured he would have the same power he himself had. After a long battle, which seemed to go on endlessly, Tempest managed to defeat his clone. The clone turned to blue dust and disappeared, but almost to immediately, after that a new one appeared, almost if to mock Tempest. Turned worn out from his previous fight Tempest was panting while holding his sword with a unsteady grip. This clone however didn't attack also turned to blue dust. The dust went towards Tempest engulfing him in a blue glow, giving him the familiar feeling he felt when he first unlocked his Earth Gear's power.

Probably but a few minutes had past as Tempest slowly gets back to his feet. The man standing by looks at Tempest with a mixed expression of excitement and amazement as he sees Tempest's current state. Tempest is glowing strongly with a blue fire like aura as even the air around him shakes from the power which is released. His body which was broken is standing up as if nothing had happened with it and Tempest opens his eyes after getting back to his feet. With his now ocean blue eyes he stare at the man , who at first took him down fairly easy with determination. Tempest's body completely healed, and feeling a strong new power residing in him he was ready to face the man once again. The man rejoiced claiming he was happy to that Tempest finally unlocked another gear. A little confused and curious, Tempest stood on stand-by as he listened to the man explanation. He introduced himself as Raven, and claimed he had been keeping a close eye on Tempest for some time now. He also explained that beside the Earth Gear Tempest had, there were 2 other gears named: Angel Gear and Devil Gear, as he said he some sort of moderator. He then rambled on, about how the ME was involved with the experiments to create the children with these gear powers and how the other two are now most likely using the ME to get revenge. He then revealed Askura location, as she seemed to have taken captive in another ME facility. Knowing what Tempest needed to know Tempest, was ready to leave but hesitant, as the man could easily attack like he did before. As if feeling Tempest's hesitant the man laugh and then suddenly dissolves into thin air as if he wasn't even their to begin with.

Tempest rushed toward Askura location after finding out where she was held. The facility was strongly guarded and although breaking in wasn't easy to begin with it was the escaping what would be a real problem. After observing the facility for some time Tempest came up with a plan, which he executed to get in. The plan was rather similar to how infiltrated the first facility and he was lucky it looked similar to, making finding Askura a bit more easier. After finally finding Askura they hardly had time to enjoy there meeting as they got greeted by a boy about Tempest his age. He introduced himself as Akuma and seemed to Tempest as well, as he immediately referred to him as the wielder of the Earth Gear. Using very dull tool as smoke bomb Tempest wasn't planning on fighting here, especially if he was one of the Gear wielders, he heard about from Raven. Askura, no released form her anti-magic bindings, used her earth transmission magic, to escape the facility. Alarm was sounded and even outside, soldiers were rushing to catch the escaped prisoner. Outside Askura and Tempest by another individual who seemed to know Tempest, for the same reason. A girl the same age as Tempest, as she introduced herself as Tenshi but unlike Akuma, Tenshi didn't seem to be willing to fight and with a rather mischief smile she send them off. Askura and Tempest ran towards a close by forest hoping they had chased of their persuaders, but to their surprise they were still following them even though they were quite far away already.....

RP Sample:Tempest landed on a branch and clicked his tong as he felt soldier still following him. Askura, who was following him, landed next to him and stopped as she saw Tempest stop as well. Tempest slowly turned around at looked at the approaching soldiers far in the distance with a grave expression on his face. "What are you doing, Their going to catch up like this", Askura said with a impatient voice. "No, even for pursuing this is way to far and their with to many for a chase", Tempest said under his breath as he was thinking about the situation. Releasing the ME purpose, Tempest shook in fear and frustration. Askura who still was urging Tempest to move on, went quite as she saw Tempest shake. "Askura", Tempest said with a strong and strict voice, which caught Askura a bit off guard. Her rather aggressive attitude disappeared as she now patiently waited for Tempest to continue, even though she had a hunch about what Tempest was going to say next. "I want you to flee back to Magnolia which shouldn't be to far from here. Warn them their town is in danger and they should prepare for battle. Tell them the location of the ME and convince them no matter what that they are a treat that needs to be dealt with immediately." Even though she already knew deep down what Tempest meant by this she couldn't accept it as she asked "What about you?" A small smile appeared on Tempest's face as he turned to Askura and placed his hand on her forehead. I lasted for only a few moments but that was all he needed as he stood back straight facing the approaching soldiers. "I'll stop them right here, were there aren't people who could get caught up into this", Tempest said with a emotionless voice. "I've gained new powers with which I should be able to hold them of just fine", Tempest continued as he tone become more and more confident. "No, you can't", Askura strongly objected, "I know you've gained new powers, but there is no way you can take them all down on your own." Tempest closed his eyes as he listened to Askura ply and released his newly learned magic. Lightning current sparked all around Tempest his body as he stood with a firm look facing his enemies. "Tempest.... You...", Askura said in shook as she saw a spell she knew all to well. "Kioku no Divu, is an spell which allows me to look into people's memories. I'm even able to copy spells from their memories.", Tempest said as if answering Askura unspoken question. "Go now, I can't promise you that much time", he said not taking a glance at Askura. Askura, who knew what Tempest's plan was from the spell Tempest was releasing, was hesitating, unable to flee to Magnolia as she was told. After losing her loved one by the same spell her friend was now going to use, it wasn't that weird for her to hesitate this much. Tempest knew how she felt but he knew there was no time for as he turned around with a rather angry expression, "GO NOW, THERE'S NOT MUCH TIME LIFT", he yelled. Still hung in regret Tempest's words seems to have reached her as she stood back straight ready to leave. Taking one last glance at Tempest she turned around and leaped to another branch as she left for Magnolia, as she was told to leaving Tempest behind.

After Askura was finally leaving Tempest took a big breath of relieve. He knew what would become of him, but could felt peace in the end knowing at the very least she would be safe. Slowly opening his eyes he could see the approaching soldiers were getting closer, as he was able to see some of the front row soldier's faces. His somewhat softened expression turned more serious as he made a big leap toward the army he was about to face. The soldiers made a abrupt stop as they suddenly saw an individual appear in front of them. Tempest who landed in a crouched position to cushion his landing a bit, stood back up slowly and full of confident. The lightning currents that were surrounding his body become more intense and started to increase in number and frequency. His body seem to reject the spell Tempest was preparing as he felt pain surging through his body the more magic he poured into it. IN wasn't that weird as the source of his power, the Earth Gear, was meant to keep the host alive, as powers were granted to ensure survival. The spell Tempest was preparing was as to defy that, but even though he felt pain throbbing, he didn't hesitate at all and kept raising his spell strength by pouring even more magic into it. The soldier who were on stand by as they were conforming the one in front of them, suddenly became rather cocky. They started calling Tempest, by name and insulting him. Tempest seemed to be known among some of the soldiers, which got Tempest attention. Things like, traitor, weakling and a disgrace were shouted from every corner filling the area with their loud sounds. Tempest ignored the comments as he was focusing on his spell and was also tasked with stalling enough time for Askura. As if fed up with the insult a few soldiers readied their swords ready to attack. Tempest knew from the look in their eyes that talking wouldn't get him anywhere anymore at this point and Tempest was starting to recall some of his past moments. The strong and vivid feeling he got from remembering his past must have been another effect from Kioku no Dive. Getting impatience with Tempest unresponsive attitude a few soldier charged at Tempest. It took about a few seconds but the 3 soldier that charged were taken down, as Tempest stood on his original position as if he hardly lift a finger. Angered by Tempest attitude every other soldier charged at Tempest. A grin appeared on Tempest face, as he was conflicted with his own feelings, but in an instant Tempest activated his spell. He small sized dome appeared around Tempest, consisting of pure lightning as it caught the soldier who were in range inflicting damage upon them as they touch it. In a final scream Tempest released all of his energy at once and in a single burst a large scale electrifying explosion filled the once to lively area. Tempest's body quickly became numb releasing so much magical energy destroying his body in the proces. First his sense of touch was completely destroyed, quickly after he his sense of smell disappeared. It didn't take long for he also couldn't hear the screams around him anymore either. After his vision in his right eye vanished Tempest closed his eyes, accepting his fate, with a smile on his face, knowing what he at the least could accomplish...

Cursed hero's destiny & The lost story of the known less wanderer:
RP Sample (part 1): "urgh...", Tempest said with a pained voice as he suddenly felt live flowing. Trying to open his eyes he noticed that he hardly has the strength to do so. With his vision partially returning, by managing to open one eye, he get a glimpse of his surroundings. He notices that he is in some sort of container holding a green colored liquid. Hardly awake, Tempest realizes what he went through and this feeling should be impossible, but before he can connect those dots, his conscious fades away....

Thanks to the power of his Kioku no Divu, Tempest manages to remember things far beyond human capabilities and almost relive the events in them. Now he is recalling the very moment of his just born state, as he seem to be in a similar condition. He can vaguely hear people talking outside of the container he was in and almost as fast as the memory came it disappeared.

RP sample (part 2): Tempest feels his conscious returning and slowly opens the only eye he could open before. He tries to take a look outside of the container as he vaguely sees a persons standing. Trying to move his body, he slightly turns his head only to notice most of his body is missing. Even though he knew the results of the spell he lastly used should have been way worse, he can't help but be shocked. Missing 2 and half limb, part his stomach and his vision in his right eye, seems missing too. Strangely though he doesn't seem to feel a thing. Not even the water which moves around him seems to leave any sort of feeling behind. Though trapped he doesn't seem to drown either. Probably partially because of the shock, Tempest conscious once agains slips away, as his Kioku no Dive takes him to another part of his memory....

This time he recalls the the days in the army and to be more precise the times of the fight examination. Every third year soldier in the ME, was required to win a fight against 10 other soldiers. If a soldier didn't pass this test he/she was forced too redo the past 2 years of extensive drilling and training. Though their were quite a few loop-holes in dealing with this, Tempest did it the hard way and had to redo the examination 11 times before he passed. It was during that time where he got learn Yuki and befriended him. After his 11 times he watched Askura's test which afterwords the three became more close.

RP sample (part 3): His conscious once again returns as he feels a very similar feeling surging through his body. His body which was starting to glow faintly blue. This was the feeling of when Tempest was about to unlock a gear. His vision which fully recovered revealed the suspicious man he once met before, behind the glass container. His magic is released from his broken down body reforming it and completely healing it, as if nothing happened with it. Tempest's power is leaking out of his control and starts to make cracks in the container. It doesn't take long before the container which was holding Tempest, bursts out as the liquid flows out. Tempest makes a soft landing on his, so to say, newly created feet. With a hostile look he looks at the man who was looking at Tempest with a look of interest yet personal emotion....

The man claims he once again is not out to fight Tempest and reveals he is his father. Ironically he still calls Tempest, by that name, as if he doesn't know his real name. He is quick to business, as he explains to Tempest, what the state of the world around him is, seeming as Tempest, has been in that state for over half a year. Earthland seems on a full scale world with ME, which is leaded by Akuma and Tenshi and that mages all around are having to much troubles to deal with the ME soldiers. Soldiers at the Me, where trained to fight physically while using magic, magic the standard mage at the time, pretty useless, as they usually needed to be stationary and undisturbed to preform their magic. The man continues with all serious, explaining that the real reason the war was tipping in the ME's favor was because of the gears Akuma and Tenshi possessed. Releasing what that meant, Tempest mentally prepared himself to face them, as he was most likely the only one left to stop those two. Tempest felt a new sense of confident with his newly awakened power. Raven, handed Tempest a new set of clothing, which Tempest accepted without a great sense of appreciation. Even though the man claimed he was his father Tempest hardly felt anything for him. Putting on the new clothing he notices a green scarf which looked similar to the one Yuki once gave him. With a quick glance he looked at Raven and realized it was his way of caring. Tempest hesitantly reach out for the scarf and after a few moments of thinking he put it on....

RP sample (part 4): Almost as if timed people barge in the fairly large room Tempest and Raven where in. Three people came in caring swords ready for a fight. They wore the ME soldier uniform and it was more then obvious they were out to kill both Raven and Tempest. Raven remained silent as if he knew this was going to happen. Tempest eyes widened as he saw someone familiar among the three people. "Yuki's....", Tempest said with a soft voice, but even before he could finish his sentence the three men charge at him. "He can copy magic so don't use any spells", one of the soldier yells as the they each approach Tempest from a different direction. A rather sinister grin appeared on Tempest face's as he moved his hand toward the man which was approaching him form the right. A furious torrent of fire burned the man down in an instant. The remaining two, shocked by the sudden event leap back and take a another good look at what just happened. "How is that possible", one the remaining soldier said with a shaken voice. "You said he could only copy spell", he continued as he turned to the man who claimed Tempest could only copy magic. After confirming the first man was out, he turned his attention towards the others as he faced them with an emotionless expression. The 2 soldiers clicked their tongue and once again charged at Tempest. One quickly disappeared out of Tempest's vision while the other came in closer from the front. Tempest smashed his palm to the ground as a giant pillar smashed the soldier and drilled him into the ceiling. Tempest stood back straight and with his eyes closed his right hand to the back and a strong electric current was pushed out. The man trying to strike Tempest from the back, is shocked as he got suddenly attacked by his own spell. An electric current pierced through his body like a drill and although no physical marks are present the pain is still there and prevents him from moving. With a pained and still confused look the man fall to the ground. "H-How..", he says with pained voice. Tempest turns to the man on the ground. "You're a disgrace to your son's, Yuki, sacrifice", Tempest said ignoring the man question. The man who seemed to be Yuki's father grabbed his chest in agony gritting his teeth. "My new power, allows me extract spells from people", Tempest says, realizing the man doesn't have much time left....

The man died a few moment later as Tempest then burned the scarf, thinking it simply wasn't the same. Without saying much else Tempest was ready to leave, but was stopped by Raven. With a cold expression Tempest turned to Raven, waiting for his words, but Raven simply couldn't say anything. Tempest waited a few moment and left without saying anything more.

Tempest traveled to a battle field he felt using a copied power from Raven and arrived at the scene which seemed to be set in stage, for this very moment. Tempest couldn't believe his eyes, as before his eyes he saw Askura defeated in front the 2 claiming to be Akuma and Tenshi. Tenshi who seemed a little hurt from, probably her fight against Askura, approaches Askura and after grabbing her firmly releases a vast amount of magical energy. In front of Tempest, Askura is transformed into magic energy which is then absorbed by Tenshi. Tempest snapped, after seeing yet another close friend die and immediately rushes toward Tenshi. Akuma who seemed to be on the watching side quickly steps in to block Tempest's charge, as he challenges Tempest for a battle of their own. A fierce battle followed in which Akuma seemed to have a clear advantage. The main reason for this was because for some reason Tempest's couldn't copy any of Akuma's spells and had to rely on his Enhance spell which, though stronger, wasn't enough to overcome Akuma. Pushed into a corner Tempest gained a rare opening which he used, forcing most of his magical energy into his enhance spell, he tried to finish Akuma off in one strike. To his surprise Tenshi, who had been watching this entire battle, suddenly jumped in and launched herself in between Tempest's attack and Akuma, taking the hit which was meant for Akuma. Akuma now took this opportunity to strike Tempest along with Tenshi, as Tempest leaped far back taking Tenshi with him, avoiding his attack. Tenshi soft words suddenly reach out to Tempest as she forcefully pushed her energy to Tempest. Tempest using her own spell absorbed Tenshi and inherited both her strength as her will. Kin no Ishi, Gin no Tsubasa, where the words constantly repeated in his minds. Tenshi was a simple minded individual, which was easily convinced and was probably persuade by Askura's will. Upon calling the chant Tempest enhance spell ignited out into an even bigger fire like aura which changed to a golden color. Silver colored wings emerged from Tempest back and his resolve to once and for all finish this was stronger then ever. Their fight resumed and seemed endlessly. Having obtained an even greater power Tempest was at a clear advantage this time. Though Akuma pulled out all the stops to take down Tempest, it simply wasn't enough and in the end was defeated.

In the end Tempest was rewarded by a unknown witch which acknowledged Tempest's power and forced the power of an eternity sword upon Tempest forever changing his faith, always to be forgotten and to fight until ones death. Here after, Tempest mind, slightly corrupted by his swords, traveled world after world, dealing with various situations until like a twist of fate, his attention once again was drawn to Earthland.

Face Claim: Yuuto Takamine from Eien no Aseila

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Bump, this will be my improved character. If possible I'd like to apply for 1st chaos sinner (or else 2nd) Chuck, can you please take a look at it^^.

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