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Home of the newest generation of powerful mages. Some strive for protection, and annihilation of evil. Others strive for harmony, and peace among all. Some even strive to be rulers of the world. Which one are you? Will you protect the citizens of Fiore? And what's with all these demons coming into our world? It's like Hell is rising over...
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Post by Mewtwo on Wed Jan 09, 2013 5:30 pm

Each mage, has a certain power level, or Rank. When creating magic, each mage gets a certaqin number of free spells, based in rank.

D Rank Mages- Get 4 D-Rank spells
C Rank Mages- get 4 D-Rank spells, and 3 C rank spells.
B Rank Mages- Get 4 D-Rank spells, 3 C- Rank spells, and 3 B-rank spells.
A Rank Mages- Get 4 D-Rank spells, 3 C-Rank spells, 3 B-Rank spells, and 2 A-Rank spells
S Rank Mages- Get 4 D-Rank spells, 3 C-rank spells, 3 B-Rank spells, 2 A-Rank spells, and 2 S-Rank spells.
X Rank Mages (Only guildmaster can have this rank.)- Get 4 D-Rank spells, 3 C-rank spells, 3 B-Rank spells, 2 A-Rank spells, and 2 S-Rank spells, 1 X-Rank Spell
Z Rank Mages- Get 4 D-Rank spells, 3 C-rank spells, 3 B-Rank spells, 2 A-Rank spells, and 3 S-Rank spells.

In power, D-Rank is the weakest, and Z-Rank is the strongest. Z-Rank can only be achieved by S-Ranks, and is highly complicated, and will take many months.


Guild Masters are higher than S-Rank in power, but are weaker than Z-Rank. You can apply to be a Guild Master in Important Position thread. A Guild Master, has a special rank just for them, X-Rank. They get the same amount of spells as S-Rank, but they get ONE special legendary X-Rank Guild spell. This spell MUST be related to your Guild. It can only be used ONCE a thread. An example would be Fairy Law, which the user blasts all evil, and whatever is considered a foe in the users heart. PM an Admin for more info.


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